Trustfire Mini X3 4 Light LED Flashlight 1050 Lumens

Trustfire Mini X3 4 Light LED Flashlight 1050 Lumens

Using the popular slimmer profile, which makes for a great pocket or jacket carry, the new Mini X3 has quite a lot to offer users with multiple light outputs, in a small form factor.

It features a normal white light, up to 1050 lumens. A High CRI floodlight light for a wide area illumination. Powerful 900mW UV light for detecting counterfeit currency, liquids, dust and other items. The fourth output is a Green Laser light perfect for presentations or demonstrations. A red light edition is also available to purchase.

Using a built in higher capacity 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable cell, the X3 flashlight can last up to 100 hours (3.5 lumens mode white light). Charged via USB-C it’s also features rapid charging from flat to full in just 50 minutes.

A magnetic base/tail cap means you can attach it to metal objects such a car, for a versatile working light. Or use the strong stainless steel clip for a secure pocket or jacket carry. It also has a low voltage warning and power level indicator.

Made from quality materials, the Mini X3 is tested to IP65 weather resistance, and has been drop tested to 1 metre.

It’s a small light at just 102mm x 32mm x 5mm x 22mm, with a weight of 93.6g (including battery).

4 Light outputs with Normal, Flood, UV and Green Laser Light

With multiple light outputs, the Mini X3 has many uses. The first main LED is a cool white light with 4 power levels, from a high Turbo of 1050 lumens, down to a super low 3.5 lumens. Range is 128 metres at the highest output mode.

The side floodlight is conveniently placed facing forward when stood up or clipped to a pocket, this wide beam has 3 levels from a high of 303 lumens, down to 5 lumens. Rated to 4000K it’s a warmer output with high CRI and improved color output.

UV has many uses for detection, and at 900mW this one is quite powerful (365nm), and lastly the green LED laster pointer for longer distance presentations. Run times are 50 hours for the UV.

Body has plenty of grip for a secure hold even in wet weather, and a simple side switch is easy to find and has a very intuitive UI.

Trustfire Mini X3: Key Features

> 4 Light outputs, Normal White Front Light, High CRI Side Floodlight, UV and Green Laser pointer
> 1050 lumens output with a range of 128 metres (cool white output)
> Longer range white light has 4 power levels, High CRI flood 3 levels Max. of 303 lumens
> UV 900mV LED (365nm)
> Built in 1500mAh Li-ion battery with fast type C charging
> Magnetic base
> Well suited as a work or inspection light
> Run time up to 100 hours (3.5 lumens white light)
> Slim profile:  102mm x 32mm x 5mm x 22mm, with a weight of 93.6g
> Magnetic base, Metal double clip for secure pocket carry
> Intuitive UI with well placed side switch
> Premium quality body, drop tested to 1 metre with an IP65 rating for water resistance and use in all weather conditions

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