Weltool Introduces W5 Pro LEP Search Light with a powerful 2,842 metres range

Weltool Introduces W5 Pro LEP Search Light with a powerful 2,842 metres range

A stunning new model from Weltool, this LED search flashlight has a truly outstanding long range of 2842 metres, which is around 1.75 miles! Able to reach far into the darkness and punch beyond the range normal LED flashlights can reach.

LEP units use a Laster Excited Phosphor beam, which is much more concentrated v a normal LED, and with very little spill outside the hotspot. This gives then a truly impressive range and powerful beam which can target specific locations. It’s ideal for use in security or search and rescue operations.

The W5 Pro flashlight has 2 power levels, high mode of 990 lumens, and a lower output of 280 lumens, even at the low mode, it scan still reach 1600 metres range! And run times are up to 8 hours in the lowest output.

It’s powered by 2 x 22500 or (UB-22-19 22340)cells or can be used with 2 x 21700 Li-ion batteries with the BB5 extension tube. USB C charging is possible and provides a convenient way to charge the batteries (type C cable is included).

A quality body material is used in the construction, premium Aluminum alloy with a type HAIII hard anodized finish, to ensure a long service lifespan.

IP67 dust and water resistance, it has been drop tested to 1 metre, with low voltage and reverse polarity protection.

Size of the W5 Pro is 214.5mm x 60.5mm x 30mm (length x head x body diameter), the extension tube increases the length to 265mm. Weight is 380g (without batteries).

2 Power levels with a high candela of 2,020,000, and simple side switch UI

The 990 lumens output can hit up to 2,842 metres, thanks to the tight LEP output and very high candela (intensity) measuring 2,020,000cd. Even in the lower 280 lumens mode the candela is still 640,000cd, far ahead of a normal LED flashlight, even a high power unit.

A special acrylic convex lens is also coated to reduce internal reflections, and provide the best possible output.

A metal side switch provides simple and intuitive operation. It also has a multi stage battery level LED built into it, and a critical level warning with a flashing red LED. A lock-out mode is also present, to prevent accidental activation.

Weltool W5 Pro: Key Features

> Powerful LEP flashlight with a huge range of 2842 metres (high 990 lumens)
> 2 Power levels including a low mode of 280 lumens
> Candela of  2,020,000cd
> Choice of batteries, 2 x 22500, 2 x 22340 (supplied), or 2 x 21700 cells via the extension tube
> Compact size: 214.5mm x 60.5mm x 30mm, weight of 380g
> Aluminum alloy body with heat treated coating
> Metal side switch with battery level indicator
> Run time up to 8 hours (low mode 280 lumens)
> USB Type C charging
> Stainless steel bezel with coated lens cover
> IP67 water resistance, with a drop test rating of 1 metre

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