Introducing Weltool Ironclad Virtue T17 600 lumens tactical flashlight

Introducing Weltool Ironclad Virtue T17 600 lumens tactical flashlight

A high quality compact flashlight from Weltool, this model has durable build quality, with a small pocket friendly form factor, making it a good choice for an EDC carry.

It has 2 power levels with a high level of 600 lumens, and a lower mode for up close activities rated to 6 lumens. Run times can be as high as over 75 hours (for the lowest 6lm mode).

Users have a choice of power source, you can use a single 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, or it’s possible to use 2×16340/CR123A cells. Included is a high capacity 18650 cell rated to 3800mAh.

Over discharge, and low voltage protection is built in.

Body materials are made from strong aluminum alloy, with a head section made from stainless steel. It’s more rugged and durable then many flashlights, with a rating of 5 metres for the drop test, and also 5 metres submersion underwater, thanks to the IP67 rating and some excellent seals on the light. This is designed for day to day use and to provide a long service life.

Size of the T17 tactical flashlight is just 131.5mm x 31mm x 24mm (length x head x body diameter). Weight is 134g (no battery).

Two power levels with a range up to 239 metres

The T17 LED is a high performance white X-LED which has 2 power levels, a high mode of 600 lumens, and a lower output of 6 lumens. At the top level, an impressive candela of 14,356, gives a higher range of up to 239 metres, comparable distance to flashlights with double the lumens or more. This beam also provides a spread of light at closer distances, making it useful in many situations.

Even at the lowest level of 6 lumens it can still reach up to 30 metres, and with impressive run times possible, ensuring the light is always ready for action. It can run for over 3.5 hours in the high mode (18650 cell).

UI is s single tail switch for ease of use, with a firm action and quality switch used.

Weltool Ironclad Virtue T17

> 2 Power levels with up to 600 lumens output, with a range of 239 metres
> Dual power source: 18650 or 16340/CR123A cells for increased versatility
> Compact body with low weight: 131.5mm x 31mm x 24mm (length x head x body diameter). Weight of 134g (no battery)
> Removable stainless steel clip
> Anti roll body design with superior grip thanks to knurling patterns
> Single tail cap switch for simple UI operation
> Aluminum alloy reflector
> Run time up to 75 hours (low mode 18650 cell)
> IP67 water resistance up to 5 metres submersion, drop tested to 5 metres
> Premium aluminum alloy heat treated body with stainless steel head

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