Weltool M8 Iron Fan Zoom LED Flashlight

Weltool M8 Iron Fan Zoom LED Flashlight

The M8 flashlight from Weltool has a special PMMA lens with an internal zoom, the advantage of this is a clean beam pattern (with a smooth round hotspot) and the ability to spread the beam out into a flood type which lights up a wider area. This flexibility means you no longer need a separate flashlight for longer distances or wider beam, the M8 can equally cover both requirements with ease. It’s an ideal every day carry flashlight, or suitable for camping or security/law enforcement.

Power via a single 18650 battery (with a high capacity of 3000mAh), you can also use 2 x CR123A (16340) cells. With a size of 145mm x 24mm x 33mm, it’s a compact pocket friendly size and won’t weigh you down (weight of 125g without battery)

Weltool have also given the M8 a high build quality, with 1 metre drop resistance and a rating of IPX5, to ensure it can be operated even in the most demanding weather conditions

3 Power Levels with a range of up to 574 metres

Thanks to the zoom capabilities of the M8, at the high level of 860 lumens, it is able to throw a very impressive 574 metres (627yd), with a candela of 32,050cd, yet able to run for around 2 hours and 28 minutes at this level. 2 additional power settings are available for users, a mid level of 310 lumens, and a lower one of 80 lumens. At the low mode, the M8 can run for just over 11 hours, yet zoomed in can still reach 169 metres (185yd) beam distance. Need a wider more spread out/diffused beam? Not a problem, it’s simple to use a single hand to rotate the collar to adjust the beam as you wish, even providing a mix of spread/range if desired.

This internal zoom also helps prevent unwanted dirt/debris and water from entering the flashlight, which should mean it provides many years of reliable service.

Single tail cap switch for ease of use

Operating the M8 is very simple, thanks to a single switch which is located on the tail cap. A single press for On/Off, half press cycles the 3 power levels on the flashlight. Weltool have also included a stainless steel clip, which makes for a secure pocket or bag carry.

A low battery level is shown via flashing on the main LED, to inform you it’s time to charge. Should the power level get very low the M8 will automatically turn itself off.

A high quality anodized aluminum body, this heat treatment helps to prevent damage and marks, with weather resistance of IP55 the Weltool resists water and dirt, and can be used in all weather conditions, even heavy rain.

Weltool M8 Iron Fan Key Features

> Internal zoom design with a PMMA lens for an even and round beam profile
> 3 power levels with a maximum range of 574 metres (627yd) and a candela of up to 82,500 cd
> Coated tempered glass lens for durability
> Short throw zoom action, for quick and easy adjustment of the beam profile. > Tight focus to a wider flood pattern. Ideal for both longer distance and closer up activities
> Compact and light: 145mm x 24mm x 33mm, and 125g without battery
> Up to 11 hours 10 min run time (in low mode)
> Single tailcap button operation - makes it easy to operate
> High capacity 18650 3000mAh battery (also compatible with CR123A or 16340 cells)
> Quality Aluminum alloy body – drop tested to 1 metres with IPX55 weather resistance
> Includes charger, spare O ring, stainless steel clip

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