Weltool Release ALL-new Tactical Version W3Pro TAC Tactical LED Flashlight

Weltool Release ALL-new Tactical Version W3Pro TAC Tactical LED Flashlight

Weltool have produced a new tactical version of their W3Pro model, and the TAC version here will delight many fans of the company.

LEP (laser excited phosphor) has a unique highly concentrated beam profile. Unlike a normal flashlight, the output is put into a well defined circle, with less spill. This gives a very useful focussed beam and exceptional range for the output level. The W3Pro TAC has a beam in the high mode (930 lumens), which can reach as far as 1479 metres, a lower level of 322 lumens is also present.

Powered by a high quality rechargeable Li-ion 21700 battery, run time on the low mode of 322 lumens is around 3 hours 56 minutes.The body design features a large tail switch, and lots of body knurling for a superior grip

It has a weather resistance rating of IP67 for use in all conditions including heavy rain, a heat treated aluminum alloy body which is strong and resists damage. Weltool have drop tested the flashlight to 1 metre.

It has a size of 162mm (length) x 33mm (head diameter), 26.5mm (body diameter) and a weight of 168g (without battery).

2 Power Levels with a huge range of up to 1479 metres

Thanks to the LEP module (5700-6700K) and efficient circuit, the W3Pro TAC has a very powerful range of 1479 metres, and a candela of 547,500cd. A low output is also included, this is rated to 322 lumens and a candela of 172,500, yet it can still reach as far as 803 metres in this mode. It cuts deep into the darkness and will surely impress users who like longer range lighting. At closer up distances the beam has a bit more spill lighting up a wider area. This gives you the benefit of practical use at closer and longer distances.

Run times are up to 3 hours 55 minutes in low and 1 hour 41 minutes in high. The included high capacity rechargeable Li-ion cell (5000mAH) can also be charged via the type C charging cable (included), with a battery charge indicator on the cell so you know when it has finished. A low battery warning is incorporated into the design, the light output will flash to warn you the cell needs recharging.

Due to the focussed beam profile, the W3Pro TAC is very well suited for search and rescue operations, where you might want to pinpoint an area to light up, it could also be a popular choice for those who wish to add an additional flashlight to their kit with a much longer beam range, in a small and compact easy to carry body.

Large Tactical tail switch for fast operation

The large tail cap switch protrudes clearly, this switch is very easy to find and located even wearing thick gloves. UI is very straight forward, a single press turns On/Off, and the flashlight always starts in the high mode, switching mode can be done via a half press on this switch.

This switch has a high endurance, and has been tested to 50,000 clicks!A strong clip is also included in the package, so you can securely attach it to a backpack, or jacket.

Weltool have given the W3Pro a hardened heat treated aluminun alloy body, strong and able to resist damage, yet practical with a high grip exterior. It’s been drop tested to 1 metre and has an anti reflective coated tempered glass cover to protect the LEP and ensure long term operation.

IP67 water resistance means it can be used in all weather conditions.

Weltool W3Pro TAC Key Features

> Ultra long range beam with a distance of 1479 metres and a candela of 547,500
2 Power levels 930 lumens and a low mode with 322 lumens
LEP with acrylic lens and tempered/coated glass cover
Color temperature 5700 - 6700K
Size: 162mm (length) x 33mm (head diameter), 26.5mm (body diameter) weight of 168g (no battery)
Large high endurance tactical style tail cap switch (tested to 50,000 clicks)
Efficient driver circuit, no PWM or noise
Low voltage warning with reverse polarity protection
Powered by a 21700 high capacity rechargeable Li-ion cell (5000mAh) with a built in type C charging port
Run time up to 3 hours 55 minutes (low mode 322 lumens)
Durable Aluminum alloy body – IP67 weather resistance, impact tested to 1 metre

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