Weltool T1 Pro TAC

Weltool T1 Pro TAC 14500/AA 540 lumens EDC Tactical Flashlight

A compact tactical flashlight with a difference, the T1 Pro TAC is powered by a single 14500 Li-ion battery, but can also be powered by 1 or 2 AA cells (1.5V), thanks to the BB7 extension tube to lengthen the body.

This means even using just AA cells, you can increase run times and power output

Using the 14500 cell there are two power levels with a top output of 540 lumens, and with a single AA it reaches 160 lumens, 2 x AA up to 324 lumens.

It includes a stainless steel clip, which has two mounting directions for a secure pocket or bag/backpack fit.

A well made flashlight uses quality aluminum alloy body materials with a tempered glass lens and features a stainless steel bezel (sandblasted)

Designed to be used in harsh weather including heavy rainfall, Weltool have tested the T1 Pro TAC to IP67 ratings and a 1 metre drop test.

Such a small pocket friendly size makes this an ideal EDC model, at just 97mm x20mm x 18mm (length x head x body diameter) with a weight of 43g (no battery)

Choice of power 14500 or single/dual AA cells, range of up to 290 metres

The ability to use either the 14500 Li-ion battery of 1 or 2 x AA cells (Ni-MH or Alkaline 1.5V) is a huge advantage, as users can carry the commonly found AA’s as spare power sources. The extension is a great idea (BB7), with most flashlight they can take a single AA or 14500, this one can use 2 AA cells with the extender screwed in place.

Two power levels with the 14500 cell, 540 lumens and 86 lumens, and 160 lumens and 3 lumens with a single AA, 2 x AA offers 324 lumens with a low of 34 lumens.

A single tail cap switch for easy operation, full press for on and off, with half press to cycle the power levels

Weltool T1 Pro TAC: Key Features

  • Up to 540 lumens power output with a range of 290 metres (14500 battery)
  • Choice of 14500 Li-ion cell, 1 or 2 AA batteries (with extender tube) to power the flashlight
  • 2 power levels high and low (output varies depending on battery used or single/dual AA)
  • Simple tail cap switch for easy operation
  • Double position clip
  • Run time up to 92 hours (single AA 1.5V low)
  • Aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezel
  • Tempered glass cover with anti reflective coatings
  • EDC size:  97mm x20mm x 18mm, weight 43g
  • IP67 rating with 1 metre drop test pass
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