Weltool W2 Winged Tiger 800 metres LEP flashlight

Weltool W2 Winged Tiger 800 metres LEP flashlight

This ultra compact LEP flashlight is under 11cm in length, but capable of hitting up to 800 metres range with a top output of 280 lumens.

Using a unique optical system with a SMD LEP and special lens, Weltool have created a pocket friendly light that packs a surprisingly long range.

It runs on a single 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery, which can power the light for up to 42 minutes, and also includes a strobe mode for emergency signalling.

The company is using top end T6 aluminum alloy construction, this is also anodised with type III finish improving durability and resisting damage.  Rated to IP67 dust and water resistance, making it usable in all types of weather conditions including heavy rain/storms, it also has passed a drop test to 1 metre.

A really small footprint on this model at just 108mm x 23mm x 18mm (length x head x body diameter) and a weight of 52g (without battery).

Powerful concentrated beam with Strobe mode and tail switch operation

LEP models differ from normal LED’s with the concentrated beam with minimal spill, giving a more focused and longer distance beam profile. With an impressive candela of 160,000cd, the W2 can reach it’s quoted 800 metres with ease. Far longer than a normal 14500 LED flashlight could.

It’s useful for pinpointing areas of interest and as an EDC flashlight for search and rescue thanks to the longer range and smaller body size.

Body has fine knurling on it to help with grip even in wet conditions, and the well placed large tail cap switch is easy to find just by feel, and is a very simple UI in operation. Strobe can be accessed with a triple press and kept on if required. Bundle also includes a stainless steel clip and charger for the Li-ion battery.

Weltool W2 Winged Tiger: Key Features

> Long range LEP flashlight with a range of up to 800 metres
> 280 lumens output with a strobe mode
> Tactical style body with easy to find tail cap switch
> Stainless steel clip
> Run time up to 42 minutes (280 lumens)
> 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery with 650mAh capacity
> Ultra compact size:  108mm x 23mm x 18mm, weight of 52g (no battery)
> T6 Aluminum alloy body with special glass convex lens and stainless steel bezel
> Rated to IP67 water and dust resistance, drop tested to 1 metre
> Includes charger and spare O ring

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