Wuben G4 LED Light for EDC and Phone users

Wuben G4 LED Light for EDC and Phone users

This multi purpose LED light has a super compact design and can be used as a compact pocket carry light, or attached to a phone (via magnet built into the device) or on other metal objects.

Available in Black or White body colors.

The light serves multiple needs, by offering a useful and powerful 300 lumens output, but also with many levels, with 24 stepless dimming for controlling the output to the exact level you might want. It’s also possible to adjust the color temperature between Cool, Neutral White, and Warm White levels.

A built in 320mA Li-ion battery is charged via USB-C built into the unit,  and has good endurance with run times up to 50 hours (2 lumens). Attached to a phone it can be used as a convenient stand.

It’s made from an all metal magnesium alloy body, for endurance and longevity, but it’s been rated for IP68 water and dust resistance. Using the light in all weather conditions is possible.

Small and lightweight, at just 60.6mm x 24mm x 28.01mm, and 80g weight.

Up to 300 Lumens power, with Cool, Neutral and Warm white outputs

Using 28 SMD (surface mounted LEDs), the output ranges from 2 lumens up to 300 lumens, more than enough for higher power or lower levels for closer up use.

By offering a choice of Cool, Neutral White and Warm White you can match the color temperature to your requirement.

Not just a useful as a normal EDC light, you can use the G4 for photos and as a video light with it’s variable output. Simply attach to the phone or hold it separately.

The metal rotary control is large enough to find without feeling around, and you can adjust the output level/color temperature quickly and effortlessly. Thie 4 in 1 device (light, phone video/photo light, holder and magnetic light) is sure to be popular with users looking for a small compact and useful light source.

Wuben G4: Key Features

> Power range from 2 to 300 lumens, with Cool, Neutral, Warm White output
> Choice of White/Black colors
> Stepless Dimming control (24 levels)
> 515 lumens maximum power, with range of 109 metres (Combination output)
> Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery
> Useful for EDC light carry, Photo or Videos
> USB-C charging
> Magnetic base which can attach to a phone (and as a stand), or other metal device
> Run time of 50 hours (2 lumens)
> Rotary switch for quick operation
> Slim design: 60.6mm x 24mm x 28.01mm with a weight of 80g
> Metal Magnesium Alloy body> IP68 Dust and Waterproof

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