Wuben Launches All-New X2 EDC Flashlight: Little Beast, Mighty Power

Wuben Launches All-New X2 EDC Flashlight: Little Beast, Mighty Power

Take a break from traditional flashlight designs, and bring unique innovative functionality and durability to your light collection, Wuben has released a brand new Little Beast X2 Edc flashlight.

Almost straight out of a sci-fi movie, the X2 will surprise you with its unprecedent design, constructerd by airctraft-grade aluminum, it's available with different finish options: a classic HA III black anodised, and 2 with micro arc anodisation (obtained by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation): white or gratient color. And if you are a true collector, the copper version is also available, with improved heat dissipation.

 Wuben X2

The X2 is also customizable by you: on its body there are milled channels, that be filled by you with some glow in the dark powder, tritium, or your favourite color of resin!the X2 is available with 2 different LEDs choice: either 3 Osram P9, or 3 Samsung LH351D emitters.

Measuring just 85 mm in lenght, 39 mm in width and only 20 mm tall, the Wuben X2 will always be like a little jewl you can bring anytime with you. The X2 is a lso very light, as its weight is only 115 grams, making it a pocket friendly light.If you pick the X2, rest assure its small size won't interfere with your needs of light, as the X2 packs a whopping 2500 output at max mode.

Thanks to the 2 lithium ion 14500 batteries inserted (2000mAh), the X2 will defeat the darkness when you need it, wether you are using as an EDC or Hiking or Camping.

the X2 comes with 4 constant output modes: low, medium, high and turbo; as well as 2 flashing modes: strobe and SOS. While other lights have output levels that are fixed from the factory and can't be changed, the X2 allows you to program and memorize any output from 5 to 800 lumens for low medium and high modes. The customizable brightness makes sure the X2 is always perfect for your light needs. The interface is also no nonsense, with memory mode, quick access to low mode (long press from off), turbo (double click), strobe (triple click).

 Wuben X2

Stop worrying about accidental activations with the X2: activate the switch lockout when the X2 is off with 4 fast clicks, and easily disable it with other 4 fast clicks.A convenient factory reset is available to return the X2 at he factory settings: when the light is locked, do 1 click, 2 fast clicks, 3 fast clicks; the light will flash to confirm the reset.

The innovation brought by the X2 don't just end with the construction and design of ther light itself, beside having a deep carry pocket clip, the X2 comes with a long lanyard that improves the number of ways you can bring the light with you... and it also works as a charging cable!

So no need to worry about not having a charging cable with you when you need it! the USB-C charging cable can be used to charge the X2 via the USB-C port on the light, or any other electronic device that is part of your edc!thanks to the fast charging, the X2 can be fully charged in 3 hours.Always on point information about the remaining battery, thanks to the built in battery indicator, near the USB Charging port.

If you don't fancy the lanyard on your X2, you can use the re-designed and improved carrying clip: securely attached to the body of the X2, will allow you to clip it to your belt, your pockets or your bags, practical and easy to access.

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