Wuben T4 Ultra Compact 850 lumens Tactical Flashlight

Wuben T4 Ultra Compact 850 lumens Tactical Flashlight

Available in two different colors an original in a gold theme, and a standard black. This new T4 Ultra flashlight is a super compact flashlight with a tactical ring (optional extra AP50) and an impressive 401 metre throw.

3 Power levels up to 850 lumens, with momentary and strobe, it’s powered by a single 18350 Li-ion battery, and comes with a USB-C port built into the side of the flashlight (concealed to prevent damage or dirt entering the port) for convenient charging. And a run time up to 70 hours (low mode 5 lumens).

The optional tactical ring (AP50) with two color variants to match the body color, has a built in glass breaking point, and gives a secure grip when holding.

Two materials on the main body, the original version (gold) is 7075 aluminum alloy (high hardness of 150HB), and an oxidation treatment on the surface for durability. Black is using 6061 heat treated aluminum alloy  (hardness of 95HB), with an anti mark coating too. Tungsten steel head can be used for self defence.

Rated to IP68 water and dust resistance, up to 1 hour submersion, and drop tested to 1.5 metres.

Ideal pocket EDC form factor at just 97mm x 33mm x 30mm, with a weight of 79.1g (no battery).

3 Levels with Strobe mode and range of up to 401 metres

Wuben are using an Osram KM CSLPM1.TG LED, with a color temperature of 6500K, and output of 3 levels 5 lumens low, 150 lumens mid and 850 lumens high. A strobe is included and momentary mode too.

Despite the small size it can reach up to 401 metres range, impressive for a small flashlight

A simple UI is fast to operate, with a dual stage tail switch and rotating lock, duty and tac modes give you rapid access to the levels and strobe/momentary modes, with the lock being useful for ensuring it won’t activate by accident.

Wuben T4 - Key Features

> 3 Power levels with a top output of 850 lumens, and range of 401 metres
> Strobe and momentary modes
> Choice of original or black colors
> Tactical style body with optional ring (AP50)
> Concealed USB C charging port
> 18350 Li-ion battery run time up to 70 hours (5 lumens)
> Dual stage tail cap switch with rotary settings for Lock, TAC and Duty modes, quick access to momentary and strobe
> Compact size -  97mm x 33mm x 30mm, 79.1g weight (no cell)
> Tungsten steel head/bezel
> 7075 aluminum alloy (original) or 6061 alloy (black) high hardness and scratch resistance
> IP68 water proof 2 metres up to 1 hour, drop tested to 1.5 metres

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