Multi-color flashlight

Wurkkos HD10 Compact 14500 1200 Lumens Headlamp

With a choice of tints including a 4000K and 6000K output (warm and cool white), this triple LED light also has RGB axillary light for some interesting lighting effects.

Using a 1400 battery which is rechargeable, you can power the light up to 1200 lumens output, or down to a very low level of 0.5 lumens for a firefly mode (run time in 0.5lm is an impressive 100 hours)

Built in USB-C port works with both A to C and C to C cables, and has a charge level indicator built into the switch.

A magnetic base makes the light useful for working environments too, and the upgraded headband is washable and provides superior comfort.

Body is made from Type III anodising with A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, a tough material designed to resist wear and damage. IP68 water and dust resistance, it’s been drop tested to 1.5 metres.

It’s small at just 82.4mm x 23.5mm (length x body diameter), and a weight of 46g won’t weigh you down.

Multi light output including RGB, with Anduril 2 UI

Using a TRI lens the triple LED output has a powerful beam of 1200 lumens (Turbo) with multiple levels including very low output modes. Range is up to 129 metres with it’s 29 degree beam angle. For an excellent mixed beam output.

4000K or 6000K outputs both are high CRI (4000K >95, and 6000K >90)

Wurkkos also included triple RGB LEDs for a true color output, they have multiple modes including static, flashing and stepless color transitions.

Back up with a comprehensive Anduril 2 UI, allows for extensive customisation and tweaking of the UI. It can be more advanced, or simple however you want it to be giving ultimate flexibility. The HD10 is a small but powerful headlamp that also offers great value too.

Wurkkos HD10 - Key Features

  • Triple LED output with a top level of 1200 lumens and a range of up to 129 metres
  • Choice of tints, 4000K, 6000K both high CRI outputs
  • True RGB LEDs with static/fashing/transition modes
  • Powered via a rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery
  • USB-C charging port with charge indicator on switch
  • Compact - 82.4mm x 23.5mm, 46g weight
  • Run time up to 100 hours (0.5 lumens)
  • Newly designed headband for improved compact (washable)
  • Anduril 2 UI for comprehensive control over the headlamp
  • Stainless steel clip, magnetic base
  • Aluminum alloy body, with type III anodising for a durable finish
  • Water proof rating of IP68, drop tested to 1.5 metres
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