Wurkkos Introduces TS10 Triple LED High CRI 1400lm Copper Flashlight

Wurkkos Introduces TS10 Triple LED High CRI 1400lm Copper Flashlight

The TS10 flashlight is a high performance compact flashlight with a simple yet appealing design.

It is powered via a rechargeable 14500 Li-ion battery, with a very impressive Turbo output of 1400 lumens. Triple LED array provides a range of up to 130m with a wide even spread. Using the high CRI emitters, for improved color reproduction.

Open source UI gives you complete freedom to customise the user operation.A high grade copper body for excellent heat dissipation, it is rated to IPX8 weather resistance for up to 1 metre submersion, and drop tested to 1 metre.

The TS10 is so compact you will never notice even carry it, it’s just 71.5mm (length) x 21mm (diameter head), and 32g (without a battery). It’s a great pocket carry/EDC offering from the company.

High CRI LED Output with a range from 1 lumen to 1400 lumens

Using the 3 x High CRI (>90) LEDs the range is ideal for higher power requirements, or just using the flashlight up close. 1400 lumens is truly impressive for such a small body, and the output can be as low as 1 lumen (H1) in stepped mode. It’s a uniform and even beam profile, thanks to the TIR optical lenses, and can reach up to 130 metres.

Color temperature is 4000K/5800K.Auxiliary RGB color LEDs (3) are also built in and can be used for lighting effects via the open source UI.

Run times are excellent at 50 lumens output you can run the flashlight for 6 hours 43 minutes.

Thanks to efficient heat transfer on the copper body, and some advanced temperature regulation. This helps keep the brightness level at a safe working parameter.

Tail switch operation with Anduril 2 UI

Operating the TS10 is straight forward thanks to a single switch design. The tailcap is thread locked for improved electrical contact (unscrew the head to insert the cell).

Thanks to the Open Source Anduril 2 UI, this can be adjusted to your own requirements, yet it is also suitable for users who wish to have a simple and straight forward UI. For those who wish to teak and adjust settings, they are deep and comprehensive. With settings for ramped or stepped modes, voltage/battery check, momentary/lock-out, temperature/thermal configurations, strobe/beacon settings and aux LED adjustments too (colors/breathing effects etc). There is something for everyone here.

Power is via a 14500 battery, which is ideal for the size of this flashlight, a good balance between capacity and size.

A good quality finish which is precision machined, drop tested to 1 metre, and IPX8 with water submersion to 1 metre depth, this is the ideal flashlight to carry camping or as secondary/back up light. Wurkkos also supply a stainless steel clip, so you can attach it to a belt/pocket or a backpack.

Wurkkos WK04 Key Features

> Triple High CRI LEDs (>90) with an output up to 1400 lumens and a range of 130m
> Stepped or ramping output (8 levels in stepped advanced UI)
> Anduril 2 UI with options for simple UI or many custom functions
> 3 Auxiliary RGB LEDs with color options/modes etc
> Run time up to 6 hours 43 minutes (50 lumens)
> Powered via a single 14500 rechargeable battery
> Advanced thermal heat management, with reverse polarity protection
> Battery voltage/level check
> Small pocket friendly size: 71.5mm (length) x 21mm (diameter head), and 32g weight
> Copper body – drop tested to 1 metre with IPX8 weather resistance (1 metre submersion)

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