Zebralight Brings A high CRI LED Flashlight - Zebralight SC53C N

Zebralight Brings A high CRI LED Flashlight - Zebralight SC53C N

The SC53C N from Zebralight brings a high CRI LED in the form of a Nichia 519A-V1. This LED has a typical CRI level of 93, far higher than a normal LED. Resulting in a more natural and to some more pleasing look, with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvins.

It is powered via a single AA battery (with reverse polarity protection on the flashlight), and has a top output of 285 lumens, with a lowest level of a mere 0.01 lumen for a run time up to 3.3 months!

Thanks to an ultra low parasitic drain (which will have no real impact, and less than the self discharge of the battery). This is a handy convenient size to keep for an EDC or add to a toolkit/ or backpack

The SC53C N EDC flashlight measures just 77.6mm in length (3”) and a mere 23.6mm head diameter (0.96”), with a weight of just 40g (1.4oz)

A precision machined high grade body is make from Type III aluminum, and tested to a rigorous IPX8 making it was resistant for 2 metres depth for up to 30 minutes.

3 Main Power Levels with 2 Sub Levels which can be user set

Zebralight have a degree of customization in their flashlights few makers do. In addition to the 3 main power levels (which are pre-set at their brightness settings), it is possible to program the SC53C N second sub level output so it can be adjusted as required. These changes are remembered even with turned off or with a battery replacement.

Top power level is 285 lumens using a special Nichia 519A-V1 this offers a high CRI of 93 with a temperature of 4000 kelvins. This warmer white tint is better at showing colors in their natural appearance compared to lower CRI ratings. 2 additional outputs are medium of 56 lumens and a low of 1 lumen. This also has a Beacon/Strobe output at various frequency levels.

Beam is very well balanced with n 80 degree spill and 12 degree hot spot

By using a very common AA battery size (A good quality make such as Eneloop/Eneloop Pro is recommended by Zebralight), this battery is very easy to find and widely available. It is also possible to use standard disposable 1.5V AA cells.

A battery capacity indicator is build into the flashlight (1-4 flashes), and it features a low battery warning (one flash every 10-20 seconds when switched off)

Soft Touch Durable Side Switch

Operation of the SC53C N is simple with the easy to find recessed side switch. This well sized switch controls all the functions, and is comfortable to use.

You are able to customize the output levels and the flashlight is fully programmable with the included user guide. It can be kept simple, or if you want to adjust the levels and outputs, you can do this easily.

Quality build on this flashlight, a stainless steel bezel, hardened aluminum alloy body, with corning gorilla glass lens cover. IPX8 water resistance for 2 metres submersion. This hardy durable light is always ready even in harsh weather conditions.

Zebralight SC53C N Key Features

> Maximum 280 lumens output
Nichia 519A-V1: High CRI 93 LED at 4000 kelvins
Powered via a single AA battery
Size: 77.6mm in length (3”) 23.6mm head diameter (0.96”), weight  40g (1.4oz)
Customizable output with Sub Levels – Fully Programmable Smart User Interface
Strobe/Beacon with different frequencies
4 Stage Battery indicator and low battery warning
Sealed/Potted LED driver
Gorilla Glass 5 Cover
Ultra low parasitic drain
Anodized Aluminum body with stainless steel bezel,  IPX8 water resistance for 2 metres submersion
Includes pocket clip and spare O rings

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