Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB the Perfect Warm EDC

Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB the Perfect Warm EDC

We often wonder which is the perfect EDC flashlight, the one to always have at hand and which allows us to use it daily for any type of work and on any occasion. The answer is obviously not simple because there are many companies that produce flashlights of any type, suitable for specific scenarios or handyman torches with infinite features, super-equipped capable of producing different beams, with extremely complex and feature-rich user interfaces (the mostly useless). Among the infinite models of torches on the market, the Armytek Prime C2 Pro Warm Magnet USB stands out for its simplicity and completeness, a torch identified by a very long name but which identifies it compared to the previous models. Over the years, this light has undergone a series of improvements both from the point of view of technical and functional characteristics until today it is, for those who have had the opportunity to try it, the perfect EDC to always have with you in your pocket. in the car and in the drawer at home, always ready for use.

Main product features.

  • Light & Optics
    • Color temperature: Warm
    • Optics : TIR
    • Light output, lumens: 2230lm
    • Beam distance, meters: 121m
    • Brightness stabilization type : Full (constant light)
    • Hotspot: Spills: 70°:120°
  • Modes
    • Number of modes: 6 simple operation by default / 12 advanced operation
    • Runtime in maximum mode: 2 h 48 min (570 lm after 30 sec)
    • Runtime in minimum mode: 200 d
    • Strobe Mode: yes
  • Dimensions & Weight
    • Head diameter: 25.4mm
    • Body diameter: 20.5mm
    • Length: 117.7mm
    • Weight (without battery): 68 g
  • Body
    • Material : Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • Anti-abrasive finish : Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
    • Waterproof and dustproof standard : IP68
    • Safe submersion depth: 10m
    • Safe falling height: 10m
    • Operating temperatures: -25..+40 °C
  • Electronics
    • Battery compatibility: 1x18650 Li-ion
    • Ability to use batteries with PCB: yes
    • Ability to use batteries without PCB: yes
    • Protection from accidental switch-on: yes
    • Color battery state indication: yes
    • Indication of low battery level: yes

Contents and packaging

The light arrives in a colored box with the main information of the light imprinted on it. The package is particularly rich in accessories and overall includes:

  • The Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB Warm flashlight
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery with 3500mAh capacity
  • Custom USB Magnetic charging cable
  • Nylon holster
  • Belt clip in stainless steel
  • 2 spare o-rings
Multilingual user manual

    The body and the materials

    The Armytek Prime C2 pro magnet ucb is a torch with a linear design that can be used as a normal edc torch for everyday use. It is equipped with a Cree XHP50.2 LED with Warm tint and with a honeycomb TIR lens and produces a flood beam whose hotspot exit angle is 70° while the Spill exit angle is 120°. The maximum power when using the highest output level (Turbo 3) is 2400 lumens with a maximum luminous intensity of 3800 candela corresponding to a maximum range of approximately 123 meters.

    The head features a particularly thick stainless steel bezel that protects the lens from any impacts.

    Bundled with the light also comes a stainless steel belt clip that allows you to install the light to any type of garment such as belts, backpacks, bags, and any MOLLE attachment.

    On the head there are expressed and deep dissipation fins that allow the heat produced by the LED to be dispersed when the torch is turned on at the highest output level.

    The lettering is perfect and is present near the head or on the head. It has no smudges and is well centered. The central part of the body is smooth but nevertheless the channeling and detail of this light always guarantees an excellent grip even when you have wet hands or if you are wearing particularly thick gloves.

    The tail cap is magnetic, therefore the torch can be attached to any metal surface both vertically and horizontally: an indispensable function when, for example, you need to work hands-free.

    The tailcap also acts as a charging station using the special custom cable supplied. The charging cable is magnetic therefore it will be enough to bring it close to the tail of the flashlight and it will automatically position itself in the right position. The supplied charging cable has green and red LEDs inside which inform the user of the battery charge status. During the charging phase, the LED will light up red, at the end of the charge it will light up green, while if there are problems during the recharging phase, the LED on the cable will flash red. The charging cable also acts as a charging base where to place the torch.

    There is a single interface management switch and it is located near the head. It is rubberised protruding yellow in color and is easily identifiable even when wearing gloves it is very responsive to pressure. Inside there is a status LED which allows the user to instantly understand the residual capacity of the cell.

    The Armytek Prime C2 Pro has a flat tail therefore it is possible to use the tailstanding torch resting on flat surfaces. The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a particular matte finish which makes this flashlight non-slippery and pleasant to the touch. The particular anodization makes this light resistant to scratches, falls and bad weather. Armytek guarantees this flashlight as water resistant according to the ip68 standard and submersible up to 10m depth for two hours. In addition, the impact resistance is given up to an incredible height of 10m.

    It is possible to mechanically lock the torch by slightly unscrewing the tailcap

    The available output levels are many and well spaced: in fact we have 3 Turbo levels, 3 Main levels, 3 Firefly levels and 3 Strobe levels divided as follows:

    • Turbo 3: 2400lm/2h 48min (610lm after 30 sec)
    • Turbo 2: 1710 lm/2 h 48 min (610 lm after 1 min 30 sec)
    • Turbo1: 815 lm/2 h 44 min (610 lm after 22 min)
    • Main 3: 350lm/5h 20min
    • Main2: 150lm/12 h 30 min
    • Main1: 40lm/40 h 30 min
    • Firefly 3: 5 lm/12d
    • Firefly2: 1lm/40d
    • Firefly1: 0.15lm/200d
    • Strobe 3: 2400lm/10Hz/5h 45min (610lm after 2min)
    • Strobe2: 2400lm/1Hz/12h (610lm after 10 min)
    • Strobe 1: 150lm/1Hz/55h

    The Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB is also a safe flashlight that has different safety mechanisms:

    • Safe high brightness modes. Turbo modes give maximum brightness until the temperature of the flashlight and discharge current of the battery don't exceed critical values.
    • Digital Light Stabilization & Safe Soft-Start System allows to increase runtime, get longer lifetime of rechargeable battery and protect it from over discharge or overheating.
    • Active temperature control. When the temperature of the flashlight becomes close to +58 °С, brightness decreases to safe value, allowing the flashlight to avoid overheating for a long period of time. In conditions of good air-cooling the flashlight delivers light without stepping down.
    • Warning indication shows the battery level and the temperature inside the flashlight. 
    • Low battery level. When the battery level is approximately <25%, the color LED will show the warning level by flashing orange once in 2 seconds. With further voltage reduction brightness will start to decrease in steps for safety of the battery and user. If the brightness of the mode (except Firefly modes and Main1) is approximately <25% from nominal value, the main LED will flash 2 times. Critical battery level approximately <10% is indicated by flashing red once a second.

    The user interface is full of functions but very simple to use: there are two modes of use that are useful for different scenarios and which differ in the output levels present: There is the "General Type" mode whose available output levels are: Firefly1, Firefly2, Main modes, Turbo mode (last used in Advanced, Turbo2 by default) and the “Advanced Type” which features all the mode sections: Firefly modes, Main modes, Turbo modes, Strobe modes.

    • In “General Type” in ON state: 1 click to turn off the flashlight. Press and hold switch to start cycling through Main modes from any mode. In Firefly1 cycling through Main modes starts after cycling through Firefly modes. Release to select. 2 clicks on the switch to turn on Turbo mode from any mode. The second double click brings back the last used mode.
    • In General Type in OFF state: 1 click to turn on the last used mode. Press and hold: To start cycling through Firefly modes. Release to select. Keeping the button pressed will start cycling through Main modes.
    • In Advanced Type on OFF state: 1 click to turn off the flashlight. Press and hold: To start cycling through the modes of the relevant Section.
    • In Advanced Type in ON state: 2 clicks to turn on the Main modes section. Another double click will switch between chosen modes in Firefly Modes section and Main Modes section. 3 clicks to turn on Turbo modes section. 4 clicks to turn on Strobes modesection.


    The Armytek Prime C2 Pro is a quality product, made with first choice materials. It is simple to use, has many output levels so that the user can choose the one that best suits his needs. Among the advantages of this light are:

    • Warm tint with high color rendering
    • Wide and diffused beam from perfect EDC
    • High runtimes
    • Good power to the Turbo (2400 lumens)
    • Presence of 3 firefly levels (0.15 lumens, 1 lumens and 5 lumens), ideal for use in total darkness to illuminate very short distances or to be used as a light point. The 0.15 lumens level can stay on for 200 days.
    • Integrated Charging
    • Magnetic base
    • Many accessories included into the package
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