Go Into Battle Lightly,Brief Review of WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight!

Go Into Battle Lightly,Brief Review of WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight!

Wuben's product is relatively complete, and its product quality and reputation are also good. From the compact and portable pen light to the violent steel gun, I was deeply impressed by the characteristics of the flashlight. Recently, WuBen began to take the line of high cost performance and being close to the people. The price of the newly released EDC portable daily flashlight C3 is only half a hair, which is very attractive. The following author will give you a detailed introduction.

The box of Wuben C3 is still made of hard paper. The surface of the box is simple. The front of the box is only printed with the sketch of C3 and the three important parameters of maximum brightness 1200LM, Type C direct charging function and low battery warning. On the back and side of the box, there are more detailed flashlight usage, gear, endurance and other parameters.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

Opening the lid of the Wuben C3 box, you can see that the interior design of the box is also very simple, and the flashlight is wrapped in a plastic bag. Can't see the other messy accessories.

All accessories in the box are as follows:
> Wuben C3*1
> Type C charging cable * 1
> Instructions * 1
> Warranty Card * 1
> Spare seal ring * 2

On the rear of the C3 flashlight, there is a reminder sticker. It says in Japanese and English that the internal insulation sheet should be removed before use.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

The insulating sheet is located at the tail of the C3 flashlight, and it needs to be removed after the tail cover is unscrewed. The function of the insulating sheet is to provide a physical partition to prevent the flashlight from being accidentally opened by impact during transportation and storage, resulting in potential safety hazards or exhaustion of battery power. Therefore, it must be taken out before the first use, otherwise it can not be used.

Wuben C3, as a flashlight for daily and portable EDC use, is relatively compact in size. C3 is well-proportioned and slender, with a size of only 121.5mm * 25.4mm. The bare weight is 73g, and the total weight of a 18650 lithium battery is only 123g, which is very portable.

Wuben C3 is made of 6061 space-grade aluminum alloy, which is lighter than steel and has the same reliable structural strength. Its surface is treated by anodic hard oxidation process, which not only improves the surface strength to prevent scratches in daily use, but also brings a dark appearance with a sense of science and technology.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

Starting from the head, Wuben C3 uses an Osram P9 led lamp bead, which can burst out the maximum brightness of 1200LM. The outer side of the lamp bead is matched with a PMMA total reflection lens with high light projection to form an optical system, and the use of the lens can soften the transition of the light spot and bring a light spot which is more suitable for personal lighting.

Wuben C3 does not use the attack head design, but uses a pattern similar to the turbine fan blade, which should be more decorative than practical.

On the side of the head of Wuben C3, there is a LOGO of WUBEN, and under the LOGO is an indicator light to indicate the remaining power. The indicator light is hidden in a long depression, and the design is very smart. Each time the power is turned on or the gear is shifted (the circuit experiences a power outage), the indicator light will light up to inform the user of the current remaining power. The indicator light is red and green, green means that the battery is sufficient, and red means that the battery is insufficient and needs to be charged as soon as possible.

A direct charging port is designed at the back of the indicator light. Thanks to the more compact size of the TIR lens, WUBEN packs the direct charging function into such a compact flashlight, which shows its structural utilization and design skills.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

The surface of the charging port is covered with a rubber cover to provide waterproof and dustproof functions, and the charging port of Type C can be seen by opening the cover. The Type C port is currently the most common charging port for Android phones, and its versatility is needless to say, any mobile phone charging cable can charge it. When I go out with C3, there is no need to consider carrying a heavy special lithium battery charger, which can be shared with the mobile phone charger, which is very convenient.

The battery can be charged by plugging the charging cable into the connector. At this time, the charging indicator light is on to remind the user of the charging progress. When the red light is on, it means that the charging has not been completed. When the indicator light turns green, it means that the charging is completed. The charging cable can be unplugged.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

Wuben's design is very spiritual, with a large area of anti-skid lines in the middle of the C3 flashlight. The shape of the lines is not the traditional diamond or square, but the design of inclined threads, which can not only ensure the anti-skid effect, but also ensure the rapid discharge of sweat, and the beauty is very high.

In the tail cover position of Wuben C3, there is a small battery positive and negative electrode prompt icon engraved by laser, which is used to prompt the installation direction of the battery positive and negative electrode, which is very user-friendly.

At the end of the Wuben C3, a reverse switch is used. Press again to turn on the flashlight, and press lightly to shift gears. The outer side of the switch is covered with a rubber switch with relatively large particles, and there is also a LOGO of WUBEN on the switch. The area of the switch is very large, it is easy to press and not easy to slide when operating, and the feedback of the keys is also very crisp.

The ears on both sides of the switch can prevent the flashlight from touching by mistake to a certain extent, and also provide the handstand function for the flashlight. When the power is cut off, the flashlight can be turned into a candle for lighting.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

When the tail cover is unscrewed, it can be seen that the flashlight adopts a thread and an end face conduction mode, and a sealing ring is arranged beside the thread to provide a waterproof and dustproof effect. It can reach the protection level of IP68, that is, it can be used within 2 meters of water depth, even in the event of heavy rain outdoors, there is no need to worry at all. The sealing ring is coated with lubricating grease from the factory. After long-term use, regular maintenance should be carried out to avoid the wear of the sealing ring affecting the waterproof effect.

Wuben C3 has 80LM, 400LM and 1200LM3 normal lighting gears, which can be adjusted by users according to actual needs. The maximum brightness of 1200LM can fully meet most of the use needs. A large area of floodlight can provide assistance for the foot while illuminating the distance, and a low color temperature can also better restore the original color of the goods.
 WUBEN C3 Tactical Flashlight

The TIR lens brings a similar effect of paving the road with light spots, which gives people a sense of security when used at night. The maximum range of 179 meters can also meet most of the use environment.

WUBEN C3 is a more versatile product for daily use and light outdoor lighting, with excellent workmanship, compact and portable size, high brightness and convenient and practical direct charging function. If you are short of an EDC flashlight, the WUBEN C3 is a good choice.
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