Beautiful And Versatile: Brief Review of WUBEN GECKO E61 Pen Flashlight

Beautiful And Versatile: Brief Review of WUBEN GECKO E61 Pen Flashlight

Although I don't write at ordinary times, I always have no resistance to those pens with creative shapes, colors and functions, and I often collect them quickly. The GECKO Gecko E61 recently launched by WUBEN is just such a pen.

Even my child is very interested in this pen, and has agreed with me to go to the fourth grade, when the school lets him use the ballpoint pen, the small gecko will be given to him to show the rich functions in public, which will surely attract the envious eyes of his classmates.

Today, let's talk about WUBEN GECKO E61, a pen lamp with cyberpunk industrial style, which breaks through the tradition of pen design and integrates multiple functions such as writing, lighting, signal lamp, touch screen control, broken window and magnetic attraction.

Innovative design, break through the traditional style of pen

E61 has changed the style of the past from the packaging, the external pure black hard cover, it is difficult to hide the high-end of the internal blue folio magnetic clamshell carton, this is a flagship positioning product.

Opening the covers on both sides, the interior is neat and well-protected, including an E61 pen lamp and three accessory boxes, which are respectively equipped with a replacement pen head box, a charging cable and a manual. The blue ribbon matches the overall color scheme of this blue, which is easy to take out the E61.

E61 is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is light, hard and corrosion-resistant. The appearance is similar to the shape of the runway, the geometric lines are strong, the edges and corners are fully polished, hard with soft, rigid with soft, which ensures a good touch of holding and using.

E61 is available in two colors, Quiet Blue and Knight Black, both of which are colored by aluminum alloy hard oxidation process. The oxidation is uniform, delicate and colorless, bringing people pleasant visual enjoyment and delicate fingertip tactile feeling.

On the front, from top to bottom, the trademark, GECKO E61 model, lighting control switch and rotating pen body are solid and hollow, from top to bottom, the processing accuracy and assembly process are excellent.

The upper part of the reverse side is a large area hollowed out, showing five lighting beads, the middle part is a disc, first selling a pass, under which is also a rotating pen body. E61 ingeniously uses horizontal and vertical alternation, makes a 90 ° axial intersection between the pen body and the pen head, and uses silver accessories at each fixed point and shaft to give the whole body of E61 a rich change.

The E61 has a total length of 143mm, a length and width of 17.8mm, a thickness of 12.6mm, and a weight of only 50.8 grams, which is relatively light and compact for a solid metal pen.

With one specialty and many abilities, pen tools are enough for daily use.
Since it is called a pen lamp, let's first look at the functions of the E61 pen. The E61 has a two-way design, one of which is a writing pen with a ballpoint refill. It can be used for daily writing, line drawing and drawing.

The ballpoint pen uses a normal ballpoint refill with a length of 22 mm. The advantage is that it is easy to replace at any time. The disadvantage is that it is too short and the writing time is limited. The other end is a replaceable pen head, which is equipped with three functions of ceramic beads, eternity and capacitive touch pen.

The replacement of the pen head is also very simple, as long as the current pen head is unscrewed, and then the required pen head can be screwed on. The base of the pen head is solid, and the thread is only two circles, so it is necessary to prevent it from falling off automatically in use, and the unused refill should be put away to avoid loss.

There is a mechanism for converting the pen head. You need to pinch the two sides of the penholder with two fingers and push it forward. When you hear a "click", the pen head stretches and rotates freely around the shaft. Turn the other end to the front, and then turn the penholder backward to lock it. The stroke of pushing and retracting is about 3mm, which will not unlock itself when using, and can be easily operated with gloves.

When writing normally, the thumb can be used to press a plane with the width of the pen body, the index finger can be used to press the short cambered surface, the fingertip can be touched on the corner edge of the two surfaces, and the middle finger knuckle can just be pressed against the wide plane below to form a stable grip. If you use more, you will feel more comfortable, and there will be no ridges.

The overall structure of E61 is stable, the length is moderate, the top of the pen is also a convex arc, the thumb withstands the force, and the use of ceramic ball pen head can be used for emergency window breaking and defense.

Find a piece of tempered glass and use a solid cement floor tile to directly greet it twice, only the edge is broken. Use the ceramic ballpoint pen head of E61, pinch the pen body with two fingers, gradually apply force, and the tempered glass will break.

There is no damage to the pen head. The glass is broken. Remember to clean it up. In case of emergency, take out the E61 you carry with you to help you turn the corner, bring people safety and confidence.

Eternal pen is made of metal lead, which can write on paper, wall and other slightly rough surfaces, similar to pencil marks, and the biggest feature is that the writing wear is very small, it can be used stably for a long time, which is called "eternal".

In winter, the weather is cold in the north, so you must wear gloves when you go out. At this time, WUBEN GECKO E61 Pen Flashlight can be equipped with a capacitive stylus, operating mobile phones and other screens do not need to take off gloves to be frozen, smooth operation, screen response quickly, this function is absolutely necessary in the northern winter.

Rotating lamp body, multi-directional and multi-functional lighting

There is a trapezoidal groove in the middle of the side of the E61 pen body, and there is a finger groove in the inner lamp body, which is obviously a mechanism that can be opened and rotated around the axis.

The led strip of E61 can rotate 270 ° around the axis, and has stop fixed positions at 0 °, 90 °, 180 ° and 270 ° respectively, which can maintain a constant angle and facilitate omnidirectional lighting to adapt to different use scenarios.

Usually writing, if the light is not good, or outdoors, you can put the light belt at 90 degrees, which can bring uniform large area lighting to the writing plane, and there is no shadow of the hand at the tip of the pen, this function is very practical. That is, after unfolding the light strip, the center of gravity of the pen will shift, which needs to be controlled in place.

The E61 uses five lamp beads, three of which are white LEDs, and the exterior is made of translucent matte polycarbonate, which can break up the outgoing light and form a wide range of uniform illumination.

WUBEN uses a mature constant current dimming circuit, and there is no stroboscopic and howling in the three fixed brightness levels, which is conducive to the protection of human vision.

White light has three kinds of brightness: low brightness 15 LM, medium brightness 30 LM and high brightness 130 LM. Indoor use of low brightness is enough to see the foot clearly. Large area of lighting covers almost all the space in front of you.

Walk at night, take out the E61 to illuminate your feet, neither fall or trip, nor step on the dog, to protect yourself.

Because of the large range of light, the lighting distance of E61 is not a strong point, but in the dark mountains, it also has more than 10 meters of results, short-term emergency use, or in the camp tent is also very convenient.

In addition to lighting, the E61 also has two other light beads, blue and red, which flash alternately-at the same time, bringing a clear warning effect. The red and blue lights have strong penetration and are easy to be found, which is a passive safety measure.

In the outdoors, the signal lamp is a good safety reminder, which can remind the user of the location, and can be seen clearly from a long distance. One is a passive safety prompt, the other is to facilitate the interaction between teammates when the team is marching, and the third is to be used as a signal for calling for help.

In the middle of the reverse side of E61, there is a disc with a diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 1 mm, which is a strong magnet.

Usually E61 can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of iron products, "gecko" hence the name, with white lighting is a good lamp, maintenance lamp; With the red and blue light, it is a warning light, which liberates both hands and has a very practical function.

In the middle of the front is the E61 light control switch. The W in the middle of the switch is transparent. There is a red and blue indicator light inside, which will light up for 5 seconds and then go out to indicate the power. When the blue light is always on, the electric quantity is > 90%, 90% > the blue light flashes > 40%, 40% > the red light is always on > 15%, and the red light flashes < 15%.

The light control of E61 is all on this switch. Click to turn on the memory gear lighting, and the red and blue flashes will also be memorized; Press the switch for a long time to switch the gear from low to medium to high in the white light state; Double-click the switch to quickly turn on the red and blue flash in any state; Turn off the three-stroke switch, which can turn on or off the W breathing lamp; Four-click switch, lock or unlock switch. The logic used is also relatively simple and clear.

It is also for the realization of the above functions that the E61 installs the clip on the side, which is also a design to break the dull, and some people may not be used to it.

In fact, everyone will not put the pen in the pocket now, for the backpack socket, MOLLE mounting system, E61 will not feel particularly awkward to use, the clip clamping force and thickness are moderate, can be used normally.

Excellent performance, able to withstand rigorous objective testing

Using the illuminometer to do the test, here again reflects the benefits of the rotation of the lamp holder, which is also the benefit of the square section design of the pen body. The lamp holder is about 30 centimeters away from the illuminometer, connect the computer to draw the illuminance line, and start the test when fully charged.

The luminous flux of the three white light levels of E61 is 15 LM, 30 LM and 130 LM respectively, and the corresponding illumination step distribution is relatively uniform, which is also in line with the characteristics of large area floodlight, without the high brightness and high light intensity in the center, the adaptation effect of human eyes will be better.

After turning on the highest gear of 130lm, the brightness of E61 has been declining slowly, which can not be detected by the naked eye, drawing a gradually straight curve, which is also in line with the output characteristics of small power products.

The E61 has maintained this state of output, slowly reducing brightness, even for more than four hours, still has useful lighting, and the endurance is beyond my expectation.

When the lamp is turned on for about 20 minutes at a room temperature of 22.6 ℃, the output power is still large, the heat dissipation is close to balance, and the measured temperature of the lamp back is only 25.2 ℃, which can be ignored.

When the light is dim, I manually turn off the E61, plug in the charging head and start charging. The initial charging current is 0.09 A, the power is about 0.5 W, and the W indicator is red and always on during charging.

After 1 hour and 18 minutes, the W indicator light is always on in blue after charging. The total charge of 108 mAh and 0.54 Wh is not much different from the nominal 120 mAh, which is mainly due to the fact that the power is not used up.

The E61 has an IP66 rating for dust and water resistance, mainly due to the open charging port. In the test, I increased the difficulty, directly opened the E61 and immersed it in the flowing stream water, which was in good condition, without damage, and could be used safely all day.

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