Brief Review Of Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

Brief Review Of Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

In recent years, tactical defensive pens have been sought after by more and more equipment enthusiasts. As a defensive tool, tactical pens are not only convenient to carry but also harmonious. They will not be detained by train or subway. There are many scenes of fighting with tactical pens as weapons in movies. For example, there is a wonderful scene in the movie Operation Mekong that impressed me deeply. 

The first time I saw Wuben TP10's tactical pen with flashlight function, I felt that the design of Wuben TP10 was good. Adding flashlight function to the tactical pen does not affect its self-defense performance, but also adds a practical function, which can be said to be a perfect combination. There are more opportunities to use this pen when carrying EDC in peacetime.
Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

The Wuben TP10 tactical pen has a more regular appearance, not so grotesque, which is popular with many enthusiasts. The Wuben TP10 tactical pen body has a length of 154 mm, a diameter of 13.8 mm, and a weight of 40 G plus the battery.

All black carton packaging is also high-end atmosphere.
Two MICR USB charging cables and two large and small rubber rings are arranged outside the main body of the pen body.
The pen body is made of aerospace aluminum alloy, combined with three-level hard oxygen surface treatment, the overall workmanship is good, and the details are free of burrs.
Brief Review Of Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

In order to enhance the strike strength of the pen, the attack head of the Wuben TP10 tactical pen is inlaid with a tungsten steel window breaker. Tungsten steel is the second hardest metal after diamond. According to the data, the hardness is as high as HRA90. Tungsten steel can easily leave scratches on steel plates and glass, break tempered window glass, meet the needs of emergency escape, and is now the strongest attack head on the market.

The battery used in the flashlight is 10180 rechargeable lithium battery. It is very convenient to turn on the lamp holder and charge through the MICR USB interface. Whether you use the charger, mobile power supply or the USB port of the computer, you can recharge the battery anytime and anywhere.
Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

The CREE XP-G2 wick has a maximum brightness of 130 lumens. The two ends of the pen and the cap of the flashlight pen are connected by large threads, and the two pen heads can be quickly screwed and replaced for use. The rubber ring at the joint can play a good role in fixing.

Because the thread rotation direction of the pen container and the flashlight switch are in the same direction, when the flashlight function is turned off in practice, if the hand is held below the holding clip, the position connected with the pen head will rotate synchronously, which will affect the convenience of turning on and off the flashlight. It will be more practical if the rotation directions of the two positions are designed to be opposite.
Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

The clip of the tactical pen is very beautiful, and the part connected with the pen body has a positioning card, which can prevent the clip from shaking left and right. It is beautiful and practical. Tactical pen clip in the jacket pocket or pants pocket, the effect is good, go out with a pen or can add a bit of culture.

Hollowing out on both sides of the connection between the cap and the spare nib adds a lot of beauty to the overall effect of the tactical pen.
The tip of the pen is designed with three grooves in the place where the fingers hold it. It is very comfortable to hold the fingers when writing. This design has good ergonomic luck.
Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

The writing pen uses Schneider refill imported from Germany.
Tungsten steel head can easily draw marks on steel plates and glass. Tungsten steel striking head can easily break glass bottles, which is very powerful in the ability to break windows. It's just that the aluminum alloy material of the pen body will easily appear scars after collision with hard objects. This is also the reason why many tactical pens now use titanium alloy as the pen body.

The added flashlight function is quite practical, although the low brightness is 3 lumens, and the maximum brightness is only 130 lumens. But the brightness and lighting effect are much better than the flash of the mobile phone. The IPX8 waterproof level of the flashlight can be used in 2 meters of water.
Wuben TP10 Tactical Pen Flashlight

The role of tactical pen in daily self-defense is only for a rainy day, in fact, many people may not use it. The flashlight function added to the tactical pen of Wuben TP10 is quite different in terms of opportunities and practicability for daily use. Carrying EDC with a tactical pen like this can be regarded as killing many birds with one stone.

After all, the strength of the pen body made of aluminum alloy is limited, and it is easy to leave scratches when it is used violently. If a titanium multi-version can be produced, many fans will like it. You can have different choices according to your preferences and requirements.
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