Nitecore SRT7i the best tactical flashlight of the 2023

Nitecore SRT7i the best tactical flashlight of the 2023

The Nitecore SRT7i represents a significant step forward in the field of tactical flashlights, offering a combination of high performance, versatility and ease of use that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. This flashlight has been kindly provided directly by Nitecore for a detailed review, confirming the brand's commitment to providing quality and cutting-edge products.

Contents and packaging

The Nitecore SRT7i package is made of dark cardboard and contains various essential accessories for the use and maintenance of the torch.

Inside the box, you'll find the Nitecore SRT7i itself, a high-quality flashlight built with durable materials and a military-grade hard anodized finish. The flashlight has an ergonomic shape that offers a comfortable and secure grip during use.

In addition, the package includes a NITECORE 21700i lithium battery, specifically designed for the flashlight. This rechargeable battery has a capacity of 5000mAh, which ensures long life and reliable power for your lighting.

For carrying and protecting the flashlight, a sturdy holster is provided. The holster features a Velcro closure to keep the flashlight securely inside. Additionally, it features a metal D-ring on the back and a hook and loop loop for easy carrying.

To recharge the flashlight, a USB-C charging cable is also included. This cable connects the flashlight to a compatible power source, such as a USB adapter or computer, for battery charging.

Finally, inside the package you will also find a detailed instruction manual which provides information on the correct use of the flashlight and its functions. In addition, a warranty card is provided which covers the product for a certain period of time.

The packaging and included accessories ensure that you have everything you need to start using the Nitecore SRT7i safely and efficiently, whether for everyday use or for tactical or outdoor situations.

The body and materials:

The SRT7i has been designed as an evolution of the successful previous model, the SRT7GT, and features several significant improvements. One of the most distinctive features of this flashlight is the fourth generation of the Smart Selector Ring (SSR), a rotating ring located on the back of the flashlight that allows intuitive control of brightness modes and special functions. This innovative design allows you to adjust the brightness with a simple twist, making one-handed use of the flashlight extremely comfortable and convenient. Additionally, the SRT7i features two dual-stage buttons located at the rear, offering even more precise and personalized control of settings.

The Nitecore SRT7i uses a powerful Luminus SFT-70 LED, capable of producing a maximum output of 3000 lumens and reaching a lighting distance of over 580 meters. This means that the flashlight offers a significant light output, allowing you to illuminate large areas and tackle situations where visibility is essential. Furthermore, thanks to the advanced optical system and the crystal coating with Precision Digital Optics (PDOT) technology, the light beam is uniform and well focused, ensuring clear and detailed vision even at considerable distances.

The SRT7i is powered by a 5000 mAh "i" series lithium battery in 21700 format, included in the package, which guarantees a maximum autonomy of 800 hours. This battery is rechargeable via the flashlight's built-in USB-C port, allowing for convenient and fast recharging. In addition, the SRT7i is also compatible with two CR123A batteries using an adapter (not included in the package), offering greater flexibility in power supply. The flashlight is equipped with an intelligent charging circuit for the lithium-ion batteries, which protects against overcharging and over-discharging, ensuring a longer battery life over time.

From a construction point of view, the Nitecore SRT7i has a solid body made of aeronautical aluminum alloy with an HA III military grade anodized finish, which gives it resistance to wear and corrosion. The flashlight is designed to be shock and weather resistant, with a shock resistance of up to 2 meters and an IP68 rating, making it waterproof to a depth of 2 metres. These features make it suitable for use in extreme conditions and harsh environments, such as during search and rescue operations or tactical missions.

The Nitecore SRT7i offers a wide range of features and lighting modes. In addition to stepless brightness adjustment from 0.1 lumens to 3000 lumens, the flashlight features special modes such as TAC mode (tactical mode) for quick access to low and high power settings, and lockout mode to prevent accidental activation. In addition, thanks to the STROBE READY™ technology, you can quickly access the strobe mode for self-defense or emergency signaling purposes.

The Nitecore SRT7i is also compatible with a series of optional tactical accessories, such as the tail cap with TSL10i signaling LED and the RSW2i remote control, which further expand the functionality of the torch. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for law enforcement, assault operations, self-defense, research, and high-risk patrols.

The beam and the tint:

The Nitecore SRT7i offers a powerful and versatile beam that meets a wide range of lighting needs. The flashlight projector features a SMO (smooth) reflector that focuses light into a central point with a wide surrounding illumination beam. The light beam has a pleasant and well-balanced tint. When illuminating a wall or surrounding area, a bright white spot is seen in the center of the beam, surrounded by a slightly more yellow corona. This combination delivers even, balanced illumination, which is great for a clear, detailed view of your surroundings. The flashlight allows stepless brightness adjustment from 0.1 lumen in Ultralow mode to 3000 lumen in Turbo mode. This means that you can easily adjust the light intensity to your specific needs in any situation. The stepless dimming also allows for a smooth transition between different brightness levels, avoiding sudden changes that could disturb your vision or your surroundings. The Nitecore SRT7i offers an excellent performance in terms of illumination distance. The torch has a maximum peak beam intensity of 87,500 candelas and can cover a maximum distance of 580 meters. This makes it suitable for use in outdoor environments, in research situations or during security tasks and tactical applications. In summary, the light beam of the Nitecore SRT7i offers a combination of power, versatility and quality of light. Thanks to the stepless brightness adjustment and its ability to cover a large distance, this flashlight is able to adapt to different lighting needs and offer a clear and detailed view of the surroundings.

A true tactical flashlight:

The Nitecore SRT7i proves to be particularly useful in tactical environments and high-risk applications. With its light output, stepless brightness adjustment, and ability to cover long distances, this flashlight is a great choice for law enforcement, assault operations, self-defense, and high-risk patrols.

In tactical environments, where visibility and situational awareness are key, the Nitecore SRT7i offers a powerful beam that can be used to illuminate large areas or focus on specific targets. Its ability to reach a lighting distance of 580 meters allows operators to identify potential threats or locate objects or people at a greater distance.

Furthermore, the Nitecore SRT7i is equipped with TAC (Tactical mode) which allows quick and direct access to the Turbo level, providing immediate and intense lighting in emergency situations or during tactical operations that require a rapid response. This feature is vital in situations where every second counts and where a powerful beam is needed to gain a tactical advantage.

Thanks to its rugged construction, shock resistance, and IP68 rating (2 meters submersible), the Nitecore SRT7i can withstand the most demanding conditions and rigors of tactical use. Its reliability and durability allow operators to rely on it in critical situations without having to worry about malfunctions or breakdowns. The Nitecore SRT7i is an ideal choice for law enforcement, assault operations, self-defense and high-risk patrols thanks to its light output, stepless brightness adjustment, ability to cover long distances and its heavy duty construction. This flashlight offers reliable, high-quality illumination that can make a difference in critical tactical situations, ensuring clear visibility and improved situational awareness.

Extremely safe flashlight

One of the main safety systems is the reverse polarity protection mechanism. This system prevents damage to the flashlight and battery if the battery is inserted incorrectly. This prevents short circuits or damage to internal components.

Additionally, the torch features an Advanced Thermal Protection System (ATR) that adjusts the power output based on the ambient temperature. This prevents overheating and protects the flashlight from damage caused by excessive temperatures. The ATR ensures optimal performance and extends the life of the torch.

The Nitecore SRT7i is also equipped with an intelligent lithium-ion battery charging circuit. This circuit manages battery charging and prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting. The USB-C charging port is protected by a metal flap that offers good impact resistance and additional protection.

In terms of operational safety, the flashlight has an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily access the different brightness levels and modes. Dual-stage buttons and a smart selector ring allow for precise control of lighting settings, making it easier to use in emergency or tactical situations.

Finally, the Nitecore SRT7i is built to high quality standards. Uses an aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a military grade hard anodized finish, providing wear resistance and protection against the elements. The flashlight is also shock resistant up to 2 meters, offering increased durability and reliability.

Overall, the safety systems of the Nitecore SRT7i ensure reliable and safe use, protecting both the user and the torch from damage or malfunctions.


The Nitecore SRT7i represents a significant evolution in the field of tactical flashlights, offering high performance, an intuitive interface and a robust construction. With its light output, illumination distance, and versatility of light modes, it proves to be an ideal choice for those who require a high-quality, reliable flashlight for their outdoor or operational pursuits. The SRT7i confirms itself as a product of excellence in the sector and demonstrates Nitecore's continuous commitment to providing cutting-edge lighting solutions.

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