OLIGHT Baton 3 Pro Max

OLIGHT Baton 3 Pro Max

As an equipment controller, you must have a flashlight in your hand and it must also look good. Small torches are getting more refined and big torches are getting brighter. Finding a balance between portability and great light output is not only the demand of EDC enthusiasts, but also the R&D goal of flashlight manufacturers. Combining the concepts of higher light output, portability and smaller size, OLIGHT constantly explores and produces new products.

The Baton is Olight's EDC series flashlight. After various versions such as Baton, Baton3, Baton Pro and Baton3 Pro, this time it has finally introduced the Baton3 Pro MAX version using 21700 batteries.

Continuing the Baton family's consistent high-quality EDC, familiar look and feel, higher brightness, longer battery life, and more practical upgrades, it's a good EDC light.

When you open the outer packaging, you will still find the familiar Olight product storage case, the items are neatly placed, the multinational manuals can be read and used by people of different languages, and the fabric case and magnetic charging cable show great quality. The upgrade comes standard with an L-shaped bracket compatible with magnetic charging, which is more convenient for storing and keeping the flashlights in a fixed position, and is also compatible with other Olight flashlights with magnetic charging.

Light sensing, automatic downshifting, and safety assurance are also the practical design of Olight's high-power products. Baton3 Pro MAX is upgraded to a hidden light sensor, which is invisible from the outside.

In addition, the detection distance of the sensor has also been adjusted, from about 10 centimeters in the previous product to about 3 centimeters. Only when the flashlight is placed in a pocket, backpack, flat surface, etc., will it automatically downshift to avoid burning objects, and at the same time, it can ensure that it is not easy to accidentally downshift when using normal lighting .

Large silicone side push switch with red, orange and green tri-color power indicator. The diameter of the button is 10mm, which is not only larger and more convenient to use, but also adjusted inward to prevent further accidental opening.

The indicator light has been upgraded to motion-activated. An acceleration sensor should be installed inside. You can know the current power status just by moving the Baton3 Pro MAX. It's really more convenient and practical.

The 5000mAh large-capacity 21700 lithium battery significantly improves the battery life of the flashlight. The super bright mode can be used continuously for more than 4 hours, and the moonlight mode can be used for 60 days. It is really powerful .

The positive and negative poles are made of gold-plated springs to conduct electricity, which reduces contact resistance and can compress the battery to avoid circuit jumping during use. The end surface is conductive, and the power can be completely cut off by loosening the lamp cap slightly, which is also a practical design.

In addition, Baton3 Pro MAX also launched three color temperature versions of 6500K positive white light, 5000K neutral white light and 3000K warm white light, leaving consumers with more choices. I have long been fascinated by 3000K warm white light, and now finally got my desire.

Of course, the most useful of all the upgrades is the increased brightness. The maximum luminous flux of the two versions of normal white and neutral white is 2500lm, and the maximum luminous flux of the warm white version has also reached 2000lm. This brightness is definitely in the first echelon among EDC flashlights.

Uniform illumination with large projector, five output levels for different scenarios

Baton3 Pro MAX uses a CREE XHP-50.3 version. The color rendition of the three color temperatures is CRI-70. The blue pressure ring of the lamp head matches the color of the retaining clip and the switch pressure ring , and significantly improves the look of the flashlight.

A large-diameter TIR total reflection lens is installed in the lamp head, and the surface is concave and has a radial stripe design. It ensures a softer and more comfortable output, and is very suitable for uniform illumination of large areas.

The quad-core 5050 LED combined with the warm white and yellow-orange performance and the projector lens allows the Baton3 Pro MAX to produce a particularly bright flood beam with good color rendering, without any artifacts.

The operation control of the flashlight is all on the side switch of the lamp neck, which is covered with a large area of silicone, and has a good non-slip feel. In addition to the convenient and intuitive power indicator, you can easily select the power at any moment and choose the most appropriate level for your lighting needs.

The thickened and lengthened flashlight body provides a better hand grip, and the switch position is also convenient to use and adjust at any time during use. The switch is easy to activate and is particularly precise. It can be operated flexibly using the normal Olight operating logic: short press, long press, double click, triple click, etc.

Press and hold the switch in the off state to turn on the 1LM moonlight, which is very convenient for indoor use after turning off the lights at night, and does not require eye adaptation. In addition, the circuit performance of Olight is very good. All models use a constant current regulation circuit. In addition, the uniform and soft light emitting effect will not cause eye fatigue when using the light.

Short press the switch to turn the light on and off normally, it will enter the memorized level when starting up, then long press the switch, Baton3 Pro MAX will be low brightness 12lm (normal white, medium white 15lm), medium brightness 100lm (normal white, medium white 120lm), high brightness 660lm (normal white, neutral white 800lm) switch between three levels, select the appropriate brightness and release the button.

At any time, flick the switch twice to turn on the extremely bright 2000lm level (normal white, neutral white 2500lm), and flick the switch three times to activate emergency strobe mode then flick the switch twice to return to the previous state.

The illuminance at 50cm distance corresponding to the five constant brightness positions of the Baton3 Pro MAX is shown in the figure below. Therefore, the extremely bright is not in the normal driving cycle, but can explode with super performance when needed.

Let's look at the situation of moving to the lower level. After turning on the super brightness, the illumination will start to dim a little. After about 1 minute the flashlight will start to decrease the brightness level to the high level. After that, it will keep constant with a straight line output. The constant current characteristic is relatively good. Constant output for a long time to ensure long-term continuous use requirements.

The total reflection lens is highly efficient. You can see a clear ray of light when you turn on the ultra-bright mode. The central light spot has a high brightness when it comes out of the tube. After a dozen centimeters, it quickly widens and fades. The illumination distance at full power easily exceeds 100 meters, and the floodlight area is large, suitable for medium and long distance illumination.

The light emitting effect of the lens is good, the light spot is perfectly round, there is no black center,. The beam is uniform everywhere and there are no clear breaks between the central part of the spot and the spill. From the center of the beam, the light gradually decreases to the outermost part of the spill. The tint is uniform and regular throughout the beam. The light quality is excellent. The beam of light is relatively wide.

With the high brightness, wide range of output levels and magnetic tail function, Baton3 Pro MAX can be used as a fixed-point lighting tool, suitable for camping, search and rescue, and other scenarios.

Nice and light to carry

As an EDC flashlight, the Baton3 Pro MAX is really the smallest of the 21700 spec flashlights in my hand, at just 114mm in length and 26mm in diameter, which is slightly thicker and longer than an adult's finger.

The light body is made of low-density aluminum alloy material, high strength, good wear resistance and heat dissipation performance, with three blue embellishments on the lamp head, switch and fixing clip, which is beautiful and durable. In addition to black, Olight is also available in a military green look.

The curb weight of Baton3 Pro MAX is only 78 grams and the battery weight with 21700 is only 150 grams. It is portable and easy to use without any hassle.

In regards to high wear resistance, the surface of Baton3 Pro MAX also adopts HAIII grade hard surface oxidation, which further improves the wear resistance and using feel. Each light is engraved and laser printed in white and a unique serial number.

Speaking of good thermal conductivity, about 15 minutes after turning on the extremely bright maximum power output mode, the temperature was measured at the position of the lamp neck, and it was only 38.4 ° C. The lamp head + the cylinder together they dissipate heat over a large area to ensure the LEDs do not get too hot during use.

Speaking of ease of carrying, the Conductor 3 Pro MAX uses a high-elastic bi-directional stainless steel clip. The clip arm is fixed and will not rotate on the rod body. The clip arm is wide, thick and elastic, and will not fall even if it is hung and pulled hard., you can securely lock the flashlight anywhere without worrying about accidentally losing it.

The body of Baton3 Pro MAX adopts knurling all over the body which improves grip and guarantees an always perfect grip even if your hands are damp or wet or if you are using gloves. Like EDC, it is more fashionable and practical to carry around.

Like other products in the same series, the Baton3 Pro MAX has a flat tail, can be used upside down and is compatible with magnetic charging. These are all Olight standard specifications and can be combined with other products.

Using the standard MCC charger, it can support up to 5V2A charging input, and can be fully charged in more than three hours. You can charge it wherever you go with a power bank. Whether you are on a business trip or looking for a distant place, you can charge the flashlight anytime, anywhere to help light the way ahead.

The magnetic attraction on the tail is very strong, as long as there is an iron surface, it can be easily attached to it. The Olight Baton3 Pro MAX becomes a directional headlamp and work light, which frees your hands and is more convenient to use.

The advantage of magnetic charging is that there is no need to consider the water infiltration of the charging port. The waterproof ability of Baton3 Pro MAX reaches IPX8 level and can be used normally under two meters of water. It will not cause any damage when it is used in heavy rain and can be used confidently all day long.

Baton3 Pro MAX has also passed the 1.5 meter drop test, so you don't have to worry about functional damage if you accidentally drop it in daily use, just feel free to use it.

New EDC lighting favorite, new conductor feeling

The new Baton3 Pro MAX is currently Olight's best EDC day flashlight. It is a continuation of the high-value classic, with multiple practical upgrades, high brightness and uniform illumination, and three light colors to choose from. It is small, light and portable. Large capacity and long battery life, convenient magnetic charging, it is a practical and handy lighting tool.

Technology is making giant strides, now you can always have a very powerful light source at your fingertips that can be activated with the simple touch of a button. High performance flashlights are easier to carry and are useful for EDC. Try the new OLIGHT Baton3 Pro MAX, you will surely be satisfied.

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