WUBEN H1 Headlamp, Super Versatile! Super Practical! Super Nice!

WUBEN H1 Headlamp, Super Versatile! Super Practical! Super Nice!

WUBEN has recently launched a number of new products, headlamp H1 is one of them. What is the headlamp? As the name implies, it is a lamp worn on the head to use. Its appearance solves the problem that people's flashlights occupy both hands and must be used in their hands. And the light can be adjusted with the rotation of the head, which is very useful in outdoor exploration, camping and climbing.

The outer packaging of WUBEN H1 abandons the paper packaging box that WUBEN used for a long time before, and changes to transparent plastic packaging, and the design is very good. On the front of the box, only the LOGO of WUBEN, the product model and the maximum 1200LM parameters are left, and other precautions are placed on the back of the box.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
In addition to the precautions, the parameter diagram is also indicated on the back of the packing box of H1. It can be seen that the maximum brightness of H1 is 1200LM, and after 1 minute, it shifts down to 500LM. The longest range is 125 meters, the longest endurance is 500 hours, and the waterproof grade is IPX68. On the side of the packaging box, the function logos of flash, SOS and beacon are printed.

Open the H1 packing box and take out all the items. It can be seen that there are:
> H1 headlights * 1
> Instructions * 1
> Certificate of Conformity * 1
> Spare sealing ring bag * 1
> USB charging cable * 1

The insulated card prompt label of H1 is not placed on the body of the headlamp, but on the plastic packaging box. It States in Japanese that a plastic insulation sheet is placed inside the headlamp for protection and should be removed before initial use.

WUBEN H1 is positioned as a multi-functional headlamp, which is designed as a main and auxiliary lamp structure with three different light sources (plus four breathing lamps). Its design is relatively compact, although it uses a 18650 battery for power supply, its size is only 85mm * 26mm * 33mm, and its maximum weight is only 102g (including battery), so it will not produce too much sense of weight when it is worn on the projector.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
The exterior design of WUBEN H1 is quite muscular. On the front of the headlights, there are spotlight main lights and floodlight secondary lights. The main light is located on the right side, using an Osram P9 LED with a maximum output of 1200LM. With a metal reflective cup, the light can be projected up to 125 meters. On the left side of the main lamp, there is a transparent cover plate covered with frosted texture. Its design is flat, and the LEDs and circuits below can not be seen through the cover plate. There are four screws around it to fix the whole metal panel to the fuselage frame.

There is also a blue breathing light integrated under the left side of the secondary light panel, which can indicate the location of the headlight at night or in dark places, which is very beautiful. If you don't like it, you can turn it off with 3 clicks of the switch.

The outside of the main lamp is covered with tempered glass coated with anti-reflection film, which can reduce the reflection of the inner wall of the glass, and it is blue-purple in the sun, which is very beautiful.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
The H1 headlamp body and the headlamp strip are separated from each other and fixed by two circular structures. The angle of the headlamp body can be adjusted to a maximum of 180 degrees.

One side of WUBEN H1 is designed as a battery compartment cover, on which there is a CE mark on the laser, and there is also a rotation direction indication, which can be turned counterclockwise to open the battery compartment cover.

The WUBEN H1 battery compartment uses rectangular threads, which are designed to be strong and spaced at large intervals, so the battery compartment cover can be removed by twisting about two turns. H1 comes with a 2600 mAh 18650 battery, which can last up to 500 hours (1lm moonlight gear).

The other side of WUBEN H1 is designed as a headlight switch and a USB charging port. All operations of the headlight are integrated on a key switch. The brightness adjustment and the switching of the main and auxiliary lights can be controlled by clicking, double-clicking, triple-clicking and long-pressing.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
USB uses the Micro Usb interface, which is common on the market at present, and is common with most Android mobile phone charging interfaces. So you don't need to carry a special battery charger when you go out, which is very convenient. When the charging cable is connected to the USB interface, the red indicator light in the auxiliary light will light up to indicate that the charging state is entered. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light will turn blue, and then the charging cable can be unplugged. However, I still hope that the manufacturer can keep pace with the times and upgrade the charging socket to type C, which can be operated more conveniently by positive and negative blind insertion.

H1 has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which is very rare in headlamps. It is worth mentioning that although H1 is covered with a rubber cap outside the USB charging port to protect it from rain and sand, its interior is also waterproof, which is rare at this price. Even if the rubber cap outside the USB falls off accidentally, it will not affect the waterproof ability of the whole machine.

When the cover plate is removed, the internal workmanship of H1 can be seen at a glance. A ring of gasket is provided at the seam, through which 4 screws pass to seal the interior of H1. The internal components are various and closely arranged. A total of four LEDs are arranged on the circuit board. The left side is the main lamp Osram P9, and the right side is the red auxiliary lamp, the white auxiliary lamp and the blue breathing lamp.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
The maximum brightness of H1 is 1200lm, and the high-power operation of LEDs will certainly bring higher heat. H1 spring water is made of aluminum alloy without plastic parts, which can provide some help for heat dissipation. However, because LEDs are integrated on the circuit board, excessive heat will affect the overall stability of the circuit, so the extremely bright gear of 1200lm will be downshifted to 500lm in just one minute.

On the back of the WUBEN H1 cover plate, the inside of the soft light sheet of the auxiliary lamp is also sealed with glue.
The outer side of the headlight belt of H1 is covered with a silver reflective light, which has a strong reflection when illuminated by light, and can prompt the rear car when running at night to ensure safety.
The inner side of H1 headlight strip is covered with three rubber wave strips with strong friction, which can ensure that H1 will not slip off easily when it is worn on the head.
WUBEN H1 Headlamp
WUBEN H1, as the pioneering work of WUBEN headlamp product, has excellent workmanship, diverse functions and preferential prices. It is a good multi-functional headlamp for outdoor use. Of course, it would be perfect if the battery capacity and USB interface could be upgraded.
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