Acebeam H50 2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Acebeam H50 2.0 is a performing multifunctional head torch: in fact it allows you to have two different types of Flood and Spot beams to illuminate nearby or in the distance. If necessary, the two beams can also be combined with each other allowing you to have a Floodlight + Spotlight with a maximum power of 2000 lumens.

The Flood beam has a Turbo of 1350 lumens with 2428 cd and 99 meters of maximum distance, the Spot beam has a Turbo of 650 lumens with 2636 candles and 103 meters of maximum distance. The two beams combined produce a Turbo of 2000 lumens with 4968 cd and a maximum distance of 141 meters.

The Acebeam H50 2.0 is equipped with 3 Luminus SST-20 LEDs with neutral white tint (5000K) and a series of TIR lenses that guarantee a clean homogeneous and well balanced beam. The lighting angle is approximately 170 degrees wide and is particularly suitable for outdoor applications. The maximum distance reached by the Acebeam H50 v2.0 is 141 meters: this allows the torch to be used in many environments such as industrial activities, climbing, trekking and work in general.

The flashlight is equipped with a Type-C charging port that is well protected from dust and splashes of water. Thanks to the Type-C charging interface, the flashlight allows the battery to be recharged in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. The battery supplied is a 3100mAh 18650 model ARC18650H-310A. If necessary, the torch can be powered by CR123A or 16340 cells

The user interface is managed entirely by the single switch on the flashlight that controls the 5 brightness levels, the three light sources and the special SOS level.

The high efficiency circuit guarantees the LEDs an always constant current for an always stable output and an incredible 30 days runtime using the lowest output level.

The Acebeam H50 2.0 has a temperature control module inside that will automatically change the brightness of the flashlight while keeping its use always comfortable.

A status LED on the switch provides the user with information on the battery charge status.

Also supplied with the flashlight comes a soft and comfortable elastic band to use even for long periods of time. Inside it has a silicone strip that further increases the grip with the head: the torch will therefore always be firm and stable on your head.

The Acebeam H50 v2.0 is made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish of type HA III, and is resistant to shocks and scratches. The waterproofing is guaranteed as IP68 therefore 2 meters submersible while the impact resistance is over 1 meter in height.

The dimensions are: length 85 mm / 3.35in, width: 33.5mm / 1.32in and height 28 mm / 1.1in while the weight is 94g (3.32oz) without battery or 142.3g (5.02oz) with battery.


Triple ON (Floodlight+Spotlight)
Turbo: 2000 lumens~350 lumens; 40s + 4 hours; 141 meters; 4,968 cd
High: 1000 lumens~350 lumens; 2min30s + 4 hours; 100 meters; 2,476 cd
Mid: 450 lumens~350 lumens; 11min +3 hours 50min; 67 meters; 1,116 cd
Low: 60 lumens;30 hours; 28 meters; 192 cd
Ultra-Low: 10 lumens; 16days; 15 meters; 56 cd
SOS: 1000 lumens; 5 hours; 100 meters; 2,476cd

Two-Side ON (Floodlight)
Turbo: 1350 lumens~300 lumens; 1min40s + 4 hours 20min; 99 meters; 2,428 cd
High: 700 lumens~300 lumens; 4min + 4 hours 20min; 71 meters; 1,268 cd
Mid: 300 lumens; 4 hours 18min; 47 meters; 560 cd
Low: 40 lumens; 35 hours; 18 meters; 84 cd
Ultra-Low: 6 lumens; 21 days; 13 meters; 40 cd
SOS: 700 lumens; 5 hours; 

Middle ON (Spotlight)
Turbo: 650 lumens~220 lumens; 5min40s + 5 hours 50min; 103 meters; 2,636cd
High: 350 lumens; 5 hours; 74 meters; 1,384 cd
Mid: 150 lumens; 9 hours; 48 meters; 588 cd
Low: 20 lumens; 40 hours; 20 meters; 104 cd
Ultra-Low: 3 lumens; 30 days; 13 meters; 44 cd
SOS: 350 lumens; 9 hours 30min

L: 85mm/3.35in 
H: 28mm/1.1in
Weight: W/O 94g (3.32oz) W/142.3g(5.02oz)


1. Please remove the insulation film before the first use.
2. DO NOT attempt to use the H50 2.0 to charge CR123.