Acebeam L19 2.0 Longest Range Tactical Flashlight

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The Acebeam L19 2.0 is a tactical shooting torch with a Turbo of 2200 meters and with a maximum reachable distance of 1083 meters / 3553 feet.

Its dimensions are 163.8 (Length) x 60 (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter) 6.44 x 2.36 x 1 ”in while the weight is just 205g / 7.23oz. w / o battery, 284.3g / 10.03 oz w / battery.

The optical part is composed of an American-made LED model SFT40 HI with a lifespan of 50000 hours, an ultra-transparent lens with anti-reflective treatment, a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) type reflector with a diameter of 55 mm which guarantees a clean and balanced without any shape and tint artifact. The Acebeam L19 v2.0's high efficiency no PWM design internal circuit ensures constant voltage and current to the LED for maximum efficiency.

The Acebeam L19 v2.0 is powered by a 21700 rechargeable Li-ion model IMR21700NP-510A USM cell. This battery has a USB-C charging port and has an incredible capacity of 5100mAh. It is simple and easy to recharge and does not require an additional charger to carry around.

The user interface is managed via two switches: one mechanical at the tail and one electronic placed laterally on the body of the flashlight. An LED status indicator allows you to know the status of the remaining battery capacity, informing the user when it is time to recharge it.

The bezel protecting the lens is protruding, laced and can be used in emergency situations, for example as a glass breaker

The acebeam L19 V2.0 has an internal overheating protection system that protects the flashlight when used at high levels: the brightness is automatically decreased to allow the flashlight to cool down. In this way the LEDs, the battery and the internal parts of the flashlight do not risk being damaged by excessive heat.

The interface also has an electronic lock. This is useful when carrying the flashlight for example in a backpack. The lock prevents accidental activations and further increases the safety of the torch.

Normal levels available range from Moonlight of only 1 lumen with 62 days of runtime, to the high level of 1200 lumens. The Turbo instead is 2200 lumens with a maximum light intensity of 293.222 cd while the strobe of 1100 lumens with a runtime of 2 hours and 47 minutes ..

The entire body of the Acebeam L19 is made of aeronautical aluminum with HAIII type anodization resistant to abrasion and oxidation.

The Acebeam L19 v2.0 being a tactical flashlight is also compatible with all accessories such as tactical remote mounts and switches provided by Acebeam.

The water resistance is IP68, submersible up to 5 meters deep, while the impact resistance is 1 meter.

The package includes in addition to the Acebeam L19 v2.0 torch also a sturdy Nylon holster, a 5100mAh 21700 cell with integrated Type-C port, spare switch rubber, spare O-ring, USB-C charging cable, Lanyard wristwatch and multilingual user manual.

LED: 1 x US imported SFT40 HI white LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Moonlight: 1 lumen;  62 days
Low: 100 lumens; 30 hours 5 minutes; 12,432cd; 223 meters; 
Mid1: 300 lumens; 9 hours 45 minutes; 36,100cd; 380 meters; 
Mid2: 630 lumens; 4 hours 8 minutes; 76,729cd; 554 meters;
High: 1,200 lumens; 1 hour 38 minutes; 147,840cd; 769 meters; 
Turbo: 2,200 lumens-1600lumens-1200lumens; 1 minute 50 seconds-10minutes-1 hours 26 minutes; 293,222cd; 1,083 meters; 
Strobe: 1,100 lumens; 2 hours 47 minutes;

Max. output 2,200 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 1,083 meters (3553feet)
Max. runtime: 62 days
Peak beam intensity: 293,222cd

Size: 163.8(Length) x 60 (Head Diameter) x 25.4mm (Tube Diameter) 6.44 x 2.36 x 1”  inch
Weight: 205g(7.23oz.) w/o battery,284.3g/10.03 oz w/ battery
Impact resistance to 1 meter
IP68 waterproof (5 meters submersible)