Acebeam X50 2.0 First PD Power Bank Flashlight

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The Acebeam X50 2.0 is a powerful searchlight capable of delivering 45000 lumens to the Turbo.

Made entirely of A6061-T & Aerospace aluminum alloy and classified as water resistant according to the IP68 standard, the Acebeam X50 v2.0 is resistant to shocks, drops and scratches and can be immersed safely up to 2 meters deep, although not to be considered as a diving flashlight.

The package is complete and full of accessories: in fact, in addition to the Acebeam X50 v2.0 flashlight, we have a particularly resistant nylon holster that can perfectly protect the flashlight during transport, wrist lanyard, metal handle, 60W charger, gaskets , Spare O-rings and multilingual user manual.

The holster has a bottomless design and allows you to unscrew the tailcap and access the USB-C port without having to remove the flashlight from the holster.

The Acebeam X50 v2.0 has the size of a normal can of coke when it is without handle, it is particularly compact in relation to its immense power. On the side it has a standard ¼ thread to be used for example on a tripod.

The Acebeam X50 v2.0 is powered by a three-cell 21700 4250mAh battery pack. It can be charged using the typeC port on the flashlight and is compatible with 60W USB-C PD. Charging takes very little time, only 1 hour. The Acebeam x50 v2.0 is in fact the first flashlight in the world to be compatible with PD quick chargers.

 The USB-C interface of the flashlight is bidirectional so the Acebeam X50 v2.0 can also be used effectively as a power bank for charging any USB device such as a smartphone, camera, game console ... etc.

The optical part is composed of 8 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and two different models are available for sale: one in the cold light version of 6000K and one in the neutral light version of 5000K. Each LED is surrounded by a small aluminum reflector with an orange peel texture. The beam of the Acebeam x50 v2.0 is particularly wide and flood. The power at the Turbo is 45000 lumens for a maximum reachable distance of 871 meters.

In addition to the Turbo mode there are also 6 normal modes ranging from the lowest output of 400 lumens to the highest of 15000 lumens.

When the torch is used for a long time on high levels or at Turbo, the overheating protection automatically intervenes when 65 degrees Celsius is reached, decreasing the output until the temperature of the torch drops below the limit threshold.

The user interface is managed entirely by a single switch that has a mechanical lock to prevent accidental activations. The use and access to the various levels is simple and intuitive: long press the switch to access the 400 lumen mode, long press to switch between the various levels, simple click to turn the flashlight on and off, double click for direct access to the Turbo, triple click for direct access to the Strobo. 


Specifications (Cool White 6500K and Neutral White 5000K for options):

8 x US imported CREE LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Cool White 6500K Color Temperature:
Max 45,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack
Ultra-Low: 400 lumens; 11hours; 103meters, 2652cd;
Low: 1,200lms~400lms, 6hours 5minutes+32minutes, 150meters, 5625cd;
Med1: 2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 4hours+5minutes+32minutes, 195meters, 9506cd;
Med2: 3,800lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2hours 8minutes+5minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 251meters, 15,750cd;
Med3: 7,500lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 13minutes+57minutes+10minutes+5minutes+32minutes, 332meters, 27,556cd;
High: 15,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 2minutes+1hour 7minutes+10minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 479meters, 57,360cd;
Turbo: 45,000lms~5,600lms~2,000lms~1,200lms~400lms, 30seconds+1hour 6minutes+11minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 871meters,189,660cd;
Strobe: 7,500lms, 1 hour, 332meters, 27,556cd;

Neutral White 5000K Color Temperature:
Max 43,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack
Ultra-Low: 380 lumens; 11hours; 97meters, 2352cd;
Low: 1,000lms~380lms, 6hours 5minutes+32minutes, 148meters, 5476cd;
Med1: 1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 4hours+5minutes+32minutes, 184meters, 8464cd;
Med2: 3,500lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 2hours 8minutes+5minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 240meters, 14,400cd;
Med3: 7,300lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 13minutes+57minutes+10minutes+5minutes+32minutes, 326meters, 26,569cd;
High: 13,000lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 2minutes+1hour 7minutes+10minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 444meters, 49,284cd;
Turbo: 43,000lms~5,400lms~1,900lms~1,000lms~380lms, 30seconds+1hour 6minutes+11minutes+4minutes+32minutes, 839meters,175,980cd;
Strobe: 7,300lms, 1 hour, 326meters, 26,569cd;

Built-in 10.8V/4250mAh Li-ion battery pack (Can be replaced separately)
Size: 139.6(Length)x 75mm(Tube Diameter) x 51.8(Head Diameter) mm / 5.49 x 2.95 x 2.03" inch
Weight: 756g/26.6 oz (Including battery pack) 
Rating in accordance with IP68, Impact resistant to 2 meter