Armytek Parma C2 Pro Mounted Light

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The Armytek Parma C2 Pro Mounted Light is a versatile tactical flashlight designed for use by special forces and hunters. With its integrated mount, this flashlight can be easily installed on a rifle or carbine, making it a valuable tool for low visibility conditions. The powerful white light emitted by the flashlight boasts an impressive brightness of 1500 lumens and a beam distance of 350 meters, allowing users to effectively perform standard tasks in challenging environments.

One of the standout features of the Parma C2 Pro is its flexibility in power sources. It can run on the included battery, a standard 18650 Li-Ion battery, or two CR123A lithium batteries. This compatibility ensures extended operating time, particularly during prolonged periods away from a permanent location. The flashlight's ergonomic design and integrated mounting make installation on a Picatinny/Weaver rail quick and tool-free. Despite its high performance, the compact size and low profile ensure minimal protrusion beyond the external dimensions of the weapon.

The Parma C2 Pro offers two constant brightness modes for illumination and preliminary aiming, along with a Strobe mode for disorienting adversaries. Accessing the Strobe mode is quick and easy without the need for additional switches. The precisely calculated reflector for High Intensity LED modification contributes to 1.5 times the light range compared to a standard LED. The tempered glass with anti-reflective coating enhances throw distance, while O-rings and a bezel provide additional protection for the optical system.

Operational convenience is emphasized with a large button for easy pressing, even with tactical gloves. A switching lever allows users to toggle between constant light brightness modes and activate the lock-out function. Tactical mode ensures noiseless light switching while the button is pressed, and the flashlight's lightweight and robust aircraft-grade aluminum body features a non-reflective black anti-abrasive finish.

Two reinforced springs in the flashlight's design enhance protection for the battery and driver, enabling the flashlight to withstand the recoil of any firearm. Active real-time temperature control prevents overheating, and innovative technology ensures full protection against short circuits. The flashlight is waterproof, dirt and dust-resistant according to the IP68 standard, and it can withstand falls from a height of 10 meters.

The package includes a well-thought-out set of accessories, such as a multifunctional remote switch with mounting holders for Picatinny/Weaver rail, Velcro mounting tape, nylon zip ties, spare parts for remote switch installation, a high-capacity 18650 Li-Ion battery, and more. The flashlight comes with a 10-year no-hassle warranty, underlining its durability and reliability.

In conclusion, the Armytek Parma C2 Pro Mounted Light is a high-performance tactical flashlight that combines versatility, durability, and ease of use. It is a reliable tool for professionals in the field, providing powerful illumination and essential features for various applications.

Parma C2Pro
Optics Smooth reflector
Light output 1500lm
Beam distance 350m
Hotspot:Spill 5.5°:62°
Brightness stabilization type Full
                            Turbo  1500lm/1h45min(800 lm after1 min)
Modes/Runtimes    Main  200lm/6h30 min
   Strobe 15001m/15Hz/3h(700lm   after   3   min)
Power source 1x18650 Li-lon,2xCR123A
Length/width    /height 147mm/43.3mm/41.3mm
Weight without /with battery 130.5g/179.5g
Ingress protection, Submersion and lmpact resistance IP68.Depth up to 2m for 5h.
IP67 when remote switch is installed.
Height  up to  10m
Package Include
  • Flashlight
  • 18650 Li-lon battery 3500 mAh
  • Remote switch
  • Holders for mounting the remote switchon a Picatinny/Weaver rail
  • Velcro mounting tape for remote switch
  • Cover plate of the remote switch connector
  • Spare screws for installation of the remote switch
  • Zip ties
  • 1.5 mm hex wrench
  • Spare O-ring
  • User manual in eight languages