Armytek Prime C2 Pro Magnet USB Flashlight

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Prime C2 Pro is a universal model for every day carry with durable body, ergonomic side button and comfortable 120° beam angle.Suitable both for day-to-day and professional application: on a walk, on a cycling trip, on a hike, for service works and security activities.

The new Prime C2 Pro is characterized by impressive 2230 lumens brightness and wider beam angles than those of the previous version. The flashlight has also got extra design advantages for even more convenient day-to day application: reduced body length, additional striking bezel. The flashlight comes with a high-capacity 18650 Li-Ion 3500 mAh battery, which is charged with the branded magnetic USB cable.

Removable clip securely fixes the flashlight on a backpack strap or pocket and the magnet in the tailcap allows attachment to metal surfaces. A steel striking bezel, robust holster in the set and optional color filters help to successfully solve any specialized tasks. Prime C2 Pro is also ABM-01 bike mount compatible and can be used as bicycle light.


New optical system and TIR-lense: transmits more lumens, provides comfortable wide beam with 120° spill.
Maximum LED efficiency: we achieved impressive 2230 lumens instead of 1580 lm in the previous version.
New head design: improved heat dissipation and brighter light with more lumens.
Enlarged side button: softer and more comfortable pressing.
Innovated electronics and firmware: extended runtimes and enhanced brightness.
Simple operation by default: easy to use right out of the box (6 modes), possible to switch to professional advanced operation with 12 modes.
Improved springs: new springs for better protection of the battery and driver and increased performance efficiency.
Reduced size: shortened body for even more comfortable day-to-day carry.
Steel striking bezel: for additional protection of the optical system in the event of a fall and for self-defence.
Stylish body: matte anodizing, laconic style, new corporate branding.
New magnetic charger: the flashlight charges 2 times faster (3 h 40 min).


Color temperature: Warm/White
Optics : TIR
Light output, lumens: 2230 lm/2400lm(White)
Beam distance, meters: 121 m/123 m(White)
Brightness stabilization type : Full (constant light)
Hotspot:Spill: 70°:120°
Number of modes: 6 simple operation by default / 12 advanced
Runtime in maximum mode: 2 h 48 min (570 lm after 30 sec)/2 h 48 min (610 lm after 30 sec)(White)
Runtime in minimum mode: 200 d
Head diameter: 25.4 mm
Body diameter: 20.5 mm
Length: 117.7 mm
Weight (without battery): 68 g
Material : Aircraft-grade aluminium
Anti-abrasive finish : Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof and dustproof standard : IP68
Safe submersion depth: 10 m
Safe fallings height: 10 m
Operating temperatures: -25..  +40 °C
Battery compatibility: 1x18650 Li-Ion