Convoy T3 Ti Colorful EDC Flashlight

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The Convoy T3 Ti Colorful EDC Flashlight is a versatile and compact lighting tool designed for everyday carry. Crafted with precision from Titanium, this flashlight not only boasts durability but also an aesthetic appeal with its colorful finish. Whether you're navigating the great outdoors or simply need a reliable source of light in your daily activities, the Convoy T3 Ti is up to the task.

At the heart of this flashlight is its advanced LED technology, available in multiple options such as XPG2 R70, 219B R9080, 219C R9050, and 519A R9080. With a flux range of 300-500 lumens, it delivers a powerful and focused beam, providing an impressive lighting range of 50-100 meters. The use of an orange peel reflector enhances the beam quality, making it suitable for various applications.

Measuring 21mm in diameter and 96.8mm in length, the Convoy T3 Ti is compact and lightweight at 78g (excluding accessories). The inclusion of a normal glass lens ensures clarity and resilience, while the IPX4 waterproof rating makes it suitable for use in various weather conditions.

The flashlight operates on either a single AA battery or a 14500 lithium battery, offering flexibility in power sources. The 12 available modes, managed by a 12-group system, allow users to customize their lighting experience. The mode memory function ensures that the flashlight retains the last selected mode, adding convenience to its user-friendly design.

The Convoy T3 Ti incorporates a reverse switch type, making it easy to operate with a simple tail switch. This switch also serves to toggle between on/off states with a full click or switch between modes with a half-press.

One of the standout features of this flashlight is its drive parameters, offering versatility and intelligence in power management. It can be powered by either a 1.5V battery or a 4.2V lithium battery. The flashlight's maximum output current is 0.5A with a 1.5V battery and 1.5A with a 4.2V lithium battery. The intelligent battery judgment function distinguishes between the two types based on voltage, providing an added layer of safety.

The low voltage protection feature ensures the longevity of the 4.2V battery by flashing three times slowly when the voltage drops below 3V and automatically shutting down below 2.8V. However, the 1.5V battery does not benefit from this protection.

For users who seek a personalized experience, the flashlight includes a configuration mode accessible by tapping the switch 20 times quickly. This mode allows users to customize the mode groups based on their preferences. With visual indicators through flashing, users can select from 12 different mode groups, each offering varying brightness levels and additional functions like strobe and biking modes.

Option 1 within the configuration mode enables users to select different mode groups, while Option 2 activates or deactivates the mode memory function. The flashlight also includes a battery-check function that provides clear indications of the battery level when powered by a 4.2V lithium battery.

In summary, the Convoy T3 Ti Colorful EDC Flashlight combines robust construction, intelligent power management, and customizable features, making it an ideal companion for those who demand reliability and versatility from their everyday carry lighting solution.