Cyansky HS7R Multi-function Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Cyansky HS7R A high-performance multifunctional headlamp, powered by a 21700 battery and equipped with an intelligent light sensor. The angular L-shaped design allows this torch to be used as a normal head torch but also as a classic EDC handheld torch. The peculiarity of this torch is that it has different types of light sources that produce completely different beams, in fact it has a spotlight beam and a floodlight beam which allow you to illuminate very far away in the immediate vicinity respectively. The maximum output level for spot mode is 2800 lumens while the highest output level for flood mode is 2000 lumens. The maximum intensity for the spot type beam is 8649 candles while for the flud mode it is 2070 candles. The maximum reachable distance is 186 m for spot mode or 91 m for flud mode while the maximum runtime for spot mode is 100 hours and for Fruit mode it is 140 hours. The beams produced by this torch are extremely different from each other in fact the spot light beam has an exit angle of 20 ° therefore it is a beam that allows you to reach very far while the flood one has an opening of 90 * therefore a wide beam, wide to illuminate well in the immediate vicinity. The dimensions of this flashlight are 103mm long 26mm the diameter of the body is 32mm the width of the head. The weight, on the other hand, is 70 grams for the flashlight only. 142 grams, flashlight plus battery, is 213 grams, flashlight plus battery, plus band. The impact resistance is given up to 2m in height while the water resistance is given by the ipx 68 standard therefore submersible up to 2m in depth. The Working Temperature is -30℃ ~ 50℃ / -22℉ ~ 122℉. This torch is also equipped with a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the output level based on the brightness to protect user safety and have greater comfort: the brightness sensor automatically reduces the output when it detects in front of the torch head an obstacle and returns the brightness to its previous state when the obstacle is removed: this function can be activated or deactivated as desired by the user. The elastic band is particularly comfortable and soft and does not tire even if used for a long time. The support that allows you to attach the light to the elastic band allows for quick attachment and release. A switch is located in the upper part of the head and from inside it has a LED that provides information on the amount of residual charge in the cell, the switch for the flood light is located on the side: When the LED indicator lights up green it means that the total charge quantity is greater than 75% when instead the LED lights up flashing green it means that the charge is between 50% of the 75% when instead it lights up red it means that the charge is between 25% % and 50% while when the LED flashes red it means that the amount of residual charge is less than 25% and therefore the cell must be charged as soon as possible. The power supply of this flashlight is guaranteed by a single 21,700 lithium-ion battery of 5000 mAH which can be charged through the type-c charging interface on the flashlight in just two hours.

  • Max. Output: Spotlight 2800 Lumens、Floodlight 2000 Lumens
  • Max. Intensity: Spotlight 8649 Candela、Floodlight 2070 Lumens
  • Max. Distance: Spotlight 186 Meters、Floodlight  91 Lumens
  • Max. Runtime: Spotlight 100 Hours、Floodlight 140 Hours
  • Angle: Spotlight 20°; Floodlight 90°
  • Size: 103*26*32 mm (L*H*W)
  • Weight: 70g / 142g / 213g (HS7R/+Battery/+Stand & Headlight Strap)
  • Waterproof: IP68(2 meters underwater)
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters
  • Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ 50℃ / -22℉ ~ 122℉