Cyansky K3 V2.0 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

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The Cyansky K3 V2.0 is a shooting torch with a maximum output of 2000 lumens and which can reach a distance of 700 meters when used at Turbo. This light is specifically designed for use by law enforcement and to be used in tactical applications or even to be mounted on a weapon. It is equipped with a latest generation LED: the Luminus SFT-40 which at maximum power produces 2000 lumens with a throw of 700 meters: therefore it is a light to be used for those who need to illuminate at great distances. The reflector is deep and mirror polished and the LED is well centered in the center of it: this allows to obtain a narrow, well focused and very bright beam. The Cyansky K3 V2.0 can also be used as a glass breaker in an emergency thanks to the zirconium beads it is equipped with. The flashlight can also be mounted on weapons using special supports not supplied and also using remote tactical switches. The possible output levels are: Low 30 lumens with runtime 36 hours, maximum reachable distance 42 meters, maximum light intensity 441 candles; Medium of 150 lumens with 16-hour runtime, maximum distance that can be reached 200 meters, maximum light intensity 9802 candles; High of 450 lumens with runtime 4.5 hours, maximum distance that can be reached 336 meters, maximum light intensity 28561 candles; 2000 lumens turbo with 2 hour runtime, maximum distance 700 meters, maximum light intensity 124609 candles; Eco of 2 lumens with runtime 40 hours, maximum reachable distance 1 meter, maximum light intensity 0.25 candles;

The dimensions of the Cyansky K3 V2.0 are 1.57" * 1.00" * 6.05/40 * 25.4 *153.6 mm while the weight is 4.66oz /132.2 grams (excluding battery and accessories). The working temperature is -30℃ - 50℃ / -22℉ - 122℉. The impact resistance is two meters high while the water resistance follows the IP68 standard so the torch is submersible up to 2 meters deep while not being an underwater torch. The Cyansky K3 V2.0 package is complete and contains everything needed to use the flashlight right away: in fact, in addition to the flashlight, we have a rechargeable lithium-ion cell equipped with a 5000mAh type-c model 21700 charging interface, a holster nylon for transport, a type-c charging cable, a wrist lanyard, spare o-rings and spare rubber for the switch, the multilingual user manual and the warranty card.

FL1STANDARD LOW General MED Mode TURBO Special Mode
OUTPUT (Lumens) 30 150 450 2000 2 2000
RUNTIME (Hours) 66 16 4.5 2 400  
DISTANCE (Meters) 42 200 336 700 1  
INTENSITY(Candelas) 441 9802 28561 124609 0.25  
WATERPROOF IP68 (2 meters underwater)
SIZE 1.57" * 1.00" * 6.05/40 * 25.4 *153.6 mm
WEIGHT . 4.66oz/132.2grams(exculding battery and accessories)
WORKING TEMPERATURE -30℃-50℃/-22℉-122℉