IMALENT MS18W 100000 lumens flashligh

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 Imalent MS18W: the most powerful portable flashlight in the world. This is the first flashlight to have an incredible output of 100,000 lumens. The Imalent MS18W is equipped with 18 second generation CREE XHP70.2 American LEDs, which produce a beam capable of reaching 1350 meters. The beam of the Imalent MS18W has a color temperature of 5000K and differs from that of its sister Imalent MS18 which instead has a colder tint of about 6500K.

The Imalent MS18W arrives in a beautiful rigid package with a practical carrying handle. Inside we find in addition to the flashlight also a 19V charger for fast charging, a carrying strap, spare o-rings and a user manual.

The Imalent MS18W has two internal fans for active dissipation of the heat produced when used on high levels at high power. The two fans are positioned on the head opposite each other and forcefully push the air under the head of the torch where there is a copper radiator that serves to disperse heat.

The tailcap is flat and can be unscrewed for access to the battery pack charging interface. The flashlight can be placed on the tail in tail standing mode for candle use.

The Imalent MS18W can be divided essentially into two parts: the first part is represented by the large head that contains the LEDs, the switch and all the circuitry. The second part is the tube which contains a battery pack made up of 8 21700 cells (3.6V 92.2Wh) and the charging interface.

The threads are precise, arrive well lubricated and are very smooth. They are also anodized so it is possible, by slightly unscrewing the head from the body of the flashlight, to mechanically lock the user interface and thus avoid possible accidental switching on when carrying the flashlight, for example in a backpack.

The dimensions of the Imalent MS18W are 265 mm in length while the diameter of the head is 129 mm and that of the body 59 mm. The weight is 1900 g including the battery pack.

The bezel protecting the lens is protruding and is made of steel. The lens is thick and ultra clear and has an anti-reflective treatment.

Near the head there is also a small removable ring that allows you to install the carrying strap on the flashlight by connecting the other end to the unscrewable tailcap.

Charging takes place through the charging interface in the queue and using only the supplied Imalent power supply. The connector is a standard cylindrical plug. A red light is visible around the charging interface when the battery pack is under charge and green when fully charged. A full charge takes approximately 4 hours and 25 minutes.

The interface is managed entirely by a single switch placed on the side of the head. It is metallic, slightly protruding and easily operated even when wearing gloves.

Above the switch there is a small OLED display that allows the user to instantly view the output level used, the information on the interface block and the instantaneous battery voltage. Near the switch there are two small auxiliary LEDs that provide a point of light but also allow quick identification of the switch if, for example, you are in total darkness.

The user interface is as follows: from the torch off, the light turns on with a click, the Turbo is accessed with a double click and the voltage is displayed on the small OLED screen with a triple click. With the flashlight on, however, a single click will turn off the flashlight, double click to access the Turbo, long click to cycle through the various output levels in the order 700/2000/5000/10000/22000/30000/60000 lumens.

With the flashlight off, press and hold the switch to turn on the auxiliary LEDs located above the switch. Four quick and consecutive clicks to activate the fans without turning on the light and 5 consecutive clicks to electronically lock the interface (a small closed padlock in this case will be displayed on the OLED display). From locked flashlight, click the switch 5 times to unlock the interface.