Jetbeam M30 3000 Lumens Ultra Long Range LED Flashlight

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The JetBeam M30 is a flashlight designed to excel in a wide range of applications, from search and law enforcement professionals to outdoor adventurers and explorers. With a maximum output of 3,000 lumens and an impressive range of 695 meters, this flashlight offers an unprecedented lighting experience. The combination of advanced technical features, a robust design and a high quality construction make it a reliable companion in all situations, from the quietest to the most demanding. 

Light output is one of the key elements that define the usefulness of a flashlight, and the JetBeam M30 does not disappoint in this respect at all. With a maximum output of 3,000 lumens, this flashlight is capable of illuminating vast spaces and reaching astonishing distances. The beam projection reaches 695 meters, allowing users to safely and accurately explore distant and dark environments. This feature is of particular interest to search operators and law enforcement agencies, who often face poor visibility conditions during their missions.

Adventure and outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the huge light output of the JetBeam M30, as it offers a unique experience during night camping, hiking or climbing in remote wilderness areas. Furthermore, the lighting power is very useful in emergency situations and to signal your position in case of need for help.

The JetBeam M30 is powered by dual 18350 rechargeable batteries via a USB-C connection. This solution offers several advantages, starting from the convenience of being able to recharge the batteries without removing them from the flashlight. This is particularly useful when traveling or in emergency situations, where a quick charge can make all the difference.

A distinguishing feature of the JetBeam M30 is its extraordinary range. Thanks to energy efficiency and intelligent battery management, this torch can operate continuously for up to 37 hours, making it perfect for applications that require durability and reliability over time. Search operators, rescuers and adventurers on long expeditions will surely appreciate this long battery life, which offers greater peace of mind and safety during outdoor activities.

The JetBeam M30 offers considerable versatility thanks to the different brightness settings and additional integrated functions. The torch is equipped with three brightness levels, which allow you to adjust the intensity of the light beam according to specific needs. Low-brightness mode is ideal for energy savings and extended lighting, while high-brightness mode is perfect for low-light conditions or tasks that require wide light coverage.

Strobe mode, another key feature of the JetBeam M30, is extremely useful in emergency or self-defense situations. This mode allows you to send flashing light signals, which can attract attention or disorient any threats. Security operators and law enforcement agencies will appreciate the power of this feature in critical situations. The JetBeam M30 is built with high quality materials, including the use of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. This choice allows you to obtain a light but extremely resistant to bumps and accidental falls. The military-grade anodized finish gives the flashlight greater wear resistance, protecting the surface from corrosion and damage caused by external agents.

Additionally, the flashlight is rated with an IPX8 waterproof rating, meaning it can be fully submerged up to 2 meters deep without sustaining any damage. This feature makes the JetBeam M30 ideal for outdoor activities involving water, such as rafting or kayaking, and ensures that the flashlight works flawlessly even in torrential rain or humid environments.

The JetBeam M30 is designed with great attention to design and ergonomics. The compact size (153mm in length, 63.4mm in head diameter and 44.5mm in body diameter) makes this flashlight easy to handle and carry. Furthermore, the light weight of 330g (without batteries) makes it a discreet and space-saving companion for outdoor activities.

The ergonomic design of the body and switch ensures a firm and comfortable grip, guaranteeing safe and pleasant use even in demanding situations. The flashlight can be easily carried with a wrist strap or attached to a belt thanks to its convenient attachment clip.

The JetBeam M30 is an exceptional flashlight built to meet the needs of professionals, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. With an extraordinary light output of 3,000 lumens


  • Designed for search, law enforcement, adventure, exploring, and outdoor activities
  • 3,000 lumen max output with 695 meters throw
  • Powered by two USB-C rechargeable 18350 batteries with a runtime reaching up to 37 hours for endurance applications.
  • Strobe mode for emergency situations and 3 brightness settings Rated IPX8 waterproof, 2m submersible, and 1.5m drop resistant.
  • Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy HAll Military Grade Hard anodized finish
  • Dimensions:153mm(Length)*63.4mm(Head Diameter)*44.5mm(Tall Diameter)
  • Weight:330g(Without battery)