Lumintop Thor II V2.0 LEP flashlight

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The Lumintop Thor II v2.0 is a shooting torch with LEP system capable of reaching a very high maximum distance. The Lumintop Thor II v2.0 in fact has a maximum output of 350 lumens and produces a totally directional beam with a maximum luminous intensity of 738,000 candles which correspond to a maximum range of over 1700 meters. Incredible distance if you think that this flashlight fits easily inside the palm of a hand. Its output levels are 3 and divided as follows: Low of 40 lumens, High of 350 lumens and Strobe of 200 lumens. The Lumintop Thor II v2.0 can be powered by a single 18650 cell which guarantees it with the lowest level a maximum runtime of about 5 hours. But if necessary, the flashlight can be powered by a 18350 cell by replacing the 18650 tube with the smaller one for 18350 cells (not included in the package). In this way the flashlight is much smaller and much more portable while maintaining all its power characteristics. In fact, changing the cell from 18650 to 18350 will not change the output levels but only their runtimes. The body of the flashlight is entirely made of military aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing which guarantees high strength, scratch resistance and wear resistance. The water resistance is given as IPX-8 and submersible up to 2 meters deep, while the impact resistance is given up to 1 meter in height. The dimensions of the Lumintop Thor II v2.0 are 106mm in length, 41.6mm in head width and 28mm in body diameter. The weight is 115 g in the aluminum version (excluding battery).

The output modes available for this flashlight are 3: Low, High and Strobe. With the torch off, a click on the switch will turn on the light at the last level used. From flashlight on, partial click of the switch to switch from high to low mode and vice versa. Double click to access the Strobe level and single click to turn off the light.

There is the Low Voltage protection system: when the battery is below 3.2V the flashlight will understand it, it will automatically decrease the output and flash three times to remind the user to charge or replace the battery. When it reaches the 2.8V threshold, the light will turn off to avoid excessive battery discharge and to protect it. In addition to this the Lumintop Thor II v2.0 has overheating protection: the output level will be automatically decreased when the temperature of the flashlight exceeds 55 degrees Celsius. But if the selected high output level is still needed, the user can access it again.


ANSI/NEMA FL1 Low High Strobe
OUTPUT 40 Lumen 350 Lumen 200 Lumen
RUNTIME 18650 5H 5M+2H 55MIN* /
18350 2H 5M+ 1H* /
INTENSITY 738000cd (Max)
DISTANCE 1700m (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
SIZE 41.6*28*106mm (Head Ø*Tube*Length)
NET WEIGHT 115g (Aluminum)
LIGHT SOURCE White Laser Emitter
POWER 9W (Max)
BATTERY 1 X 18350 or 18650 Li-ion via the long tube (excluded)

Operation Instruction
ON/ OFF: Fully press the switch for ON/ OFF.
The auxiliary rear light is ON when the light is OFF, it can be turned off by loosening the threads.
Output change: Half-press the switch from ON (with mode memory).
Strobe: Two quick clicks the switch from ON.