Lumintop Thor MINI Rechargeable LEP flashlight

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The Lumintop Thor MINI Rechargeable LEP flashlight stands at the forefront of lighting technology with its utilization of white laser technology to produce an incredibly bright and focused beam. Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP) technology, the foundation of this flashlight, takes advantage of lasers to generate monochromatic light, and the Thor MINI efficiently converts it into white light, marking a breakthrough in lighting innovation. The integration of laser technology endows this flashlight with unparalleled brightness and precision. The Thor MINI boasts two distinct output levels, with the higher setting delivering an impressive 250 lumens, providing a powerful and focused illumination. The beam reaches an extraordinary distance of 700 meters, making it an ideal choice for activities like camping and caving, where long-range visibility is crucial. The flashlight is equipped with additional functionalities, including hidden flash and SOS modes, enhancing its versatility for various situations and emergencies. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the Thor MINI is available in different color variations, including the sleek Titanium natural color, the vibrant Aluminum Green, and the classic Aluminum natural color. Each variant comes bundled with two 18350-C batteries with a capacity of 1100mAh, ensuring a reliable power source for extended usage. Weighing a mere 82g, the Thor MINI is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent companion for outdoor activities where portability is key. The USB charging mode adds convenience, allowing users to recharge the flashlight easily, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. This environmentally friendly approach not only reduces waste but also ensures a sustainable power solution for the Thor MINI. With a waterproof design, this flashlight is well-suited for outdoor adventures, providing reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. The Thor MINI's durability and resistance to the elements make it a dependable tool for those who venture into the great outdoors. The flashlight operates on a single 18350 rechargeable battery, contributing to its eco-friendly design. The absence of a focusing feature indicates that the Thor MINI is engineered for a fixed beam, emphasizing its role as a long-range illumination tool rather than a spotlight with adjustable focus. The Lumintop Thor MINI Rechargeable LEP flashlight delivers a maximum brightness of 350 lumens, offering a potent combination of power and efficiency. The battery charges in approximately 3 hours, providing a rapid turnaround for users who rely on this flashlight for their outdoor pursuits. The impressive 50000-hour usage time ensures long-lasting performance, making the Thor MINI a reliable companion for countless adventures. The flashlight features a versatile gear system, offering Low, High, and Strobe/SOS modes to accommodate different lighting needs. The inclusion of Strobe/SOS modes enhances the Thor MINI's functionality, providing users with essential signaling capabilities in emergency situations. The specifications of the Thor MINI showcase its remarkable capabilities. With an intensity of 122500cd and a beam distance of 700 meters, this flashlight stands out as a high-performance lighting tool. The compact dimensions of 25*78mm make it easy to carry, and the maximum power of 9W ensures efficient energy usage.

In conclusion, the Lumintop Thor MINI Rechargeable LEP flashlight is a testament to the advancements in lighting technology. With its white laser technology, powerful output, long-range capability, and durable design, the Thor MINI is a top-tier choice for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone seeking a reliable and innovative flashlight for various applications. The combination of cutting-edge features, eco-friendly design, and versatile functionality positions the Thor MINI as a standout in the realm of modern flashlights.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color classification:
【 Titanium natural color】Thor MINI+2 18350-C batteries (1100 mah)
【 Aluminum Green】 Thor MINI+2 18350-C batteries (1100 mah)
【 Aluminum natural color 】 Thor MINI+2 18350-C batteries (1100 mah)
Weight: 82g
Charging mode: USB
Applicable environment: Camping/caving
Maximum range: 500m and above
Continuous lighting time: 1.5H
Waterproof or not: Yes
Whether to focus: No
Rechargeable or not: Yes
Maximum brightness (maximum luminous flux): 240 lumens (inclusive)-350 lumens (exclusive)
Charging time: 3H
Usage time: 50000H
Gear: 2nd - 4th gear
Lamp and accessories type: laser laser
Battery: 18350
Length: 7.8cm
Max power: 9W

Intensity: 122500cd;
Distance: 700 meters
Mode: Low; High; Strobe/SOS
Support battery: 1pcs 18350 battery
Flashlight size: 25*78mm
Power: 8.4W