Magicshine MONTEER 12000 Mountain Bike Light

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When it comes to night-time cycling or outdoor adventures, having a powerful and reliable light is crucial for safety and visibility. The Magicshine MONTEER 12000 Mountain Bike Light is a high-performance lighting solution designed to meet the needs of cyclists, trail enthusiasts, road racers, and urban commuters. With an impressive array of features and capabilities, it's ready to turn darkness into day and elevate your outdoor experiences.

The MONTEER 12000 boasts a remarkable maximum output of 12,000 lumens, making it one of the most powerful bicycle lights on the market. Equipped with five top LEDs, it transforms your surroundings with an astonishing brightness that will guide you through the most challenging trails and ensure you're visible in any outdoor setting.

This versatile light doesn't just offer a blindingly bright output; it's designed with precision. The floodlight beam features a cut-off line to help you navigate urban traffic without blinding oncoming road users. The specially designed spotlight beam, with four lens angles, provides expansive coverage and distance, making it perfect for challenging off-road trails.

With a powerful 14.4V 10,000mAh battery pack, the MONTEER 12000 offers an impressive runtime of up to 121 hours, ensuring you have enough power for extended adventures. The integrated USB-C port supports fast input and output, allowing you to recharge the battery quickly or use it as a power source for your other devices while on the go.

The light unit, battery pack, and the wireless remote control feature easy-to-read indicators that provide real-time updates on the battery status, keeping you informed during your ride.

Control the light wirelessly with the included remote control, allowing you to adjust the lighting mode with a simple press of a button. Additionally, the Magicshine App lets you customize lighting settings to suit your specific needs.

The MONTEER 12000 is designed for easy customization. The tool-free adjustable light head allows you to set the angle that suits your preferences, while the two-sided handlebar mount keeps the light securely in place, even during bumpy night rides.

A versatile helmet mount is available, ensuring you can securely attach the light to your helmet. This adjustability allows you to cover all angles and have the light wherever you need it.

With the innovative physical air duct cooling system, internal thermal management, and cooling fins, the MONTEER 12000 maintains optimal performance throughout its entire runtime.

The MONTEER 12000 features a sturdy and durable aluminum housing with an IPX6 waterproof rating, ensuring it can easily withstand the elements and provide reliable illumination in various weather conditions.

In conclusion, the Magicshine MONTEER 12000 is a powerhouse of a bicycle light that's ready to elevate your outdoor adventures. With its powerful illumination, versatile beam options, long-lasting battery, fast charging, and user-friendly features, it's the ideal lighting companion for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Turn your night-time rides and outdoor excursions into memorable and safe experiences with the MONTEER 12000 by your side.

✔ Max Lumen: 12000 LM
✔ Battery Capacity: 14.4V/10,000mAh (144Wh)
✔ Max Runtime: 121hrs
✔ Max Throw: 360m
✔ Floodlight with cutoff line & Spotlight: Support
✔ Waterproof: IPX6
✔ Charger: USB-C(charging & discharging)
✔ Remote Control: Support
✔ APP Customization: Support

The new MONTEER 12000 is our most powerful bicycle light to date, designed specifically for MTB, trail crossing, road racing, and urban commuting.

LUMENS 300LM 800LM 1500LM 2500LM 1000LM 3000LM 6000LM 12000LM 0 / 3000LM 800 / 3000LM
h:min 85:00 35:00 19:00 10:00 37:00 11:30 07:00 02:30 121:00 33:00


Max Lumen12000 LMLight SourceOSRAM KW4 *1
Luminus SST-70 *4Max Throw360 mRuntime121 hrsRemote OptionSupportBeam Intensity30000 CDWaterproof RateIPX6Battery Capacity14.4V/10,000mAh (144Wh)ChargerUSB-CCharging Time3 hours (20V 3A)
9 hours (12V 3A)
11.5 hours (9V 3A)
16.5 hours (5V 2A)Weight10.44 oz / 296 g (light unit and handlebar mount)
31.61 oz / 896 g (battery pack)
42.05 oz / 1192 g (light unit, handlebar mount and battery pack)Dimensions5*4.09*1.81 in / 127*104*46 mmMaterialAluminum alloyMounting SystemHandlebar mount

Package Include
MONTEER 12000 *1
MJ-6398 battery pack *1
MJ-6508 remote control (incl. strap) *1
Helmet mount *1
Two-sided handlebar mount *1
Nylon shims *4
Extension cable *1
Helmet mounting straps *2
Battery mounting straps *2
USB-C charging cable *1
3mm hex key *1
Warranty card *1
User manual *1
Magicshine app user manual *1