Magicshine RAY 1600B Bicycle Light

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Cycling enthusiasts and night riders, get ready to experience a new level of biking illumination with the Magicshine RAY 1600B. This exceptional bike light is designed to seamlessly transition from urban streets to challenging trails, providing you with the perfect lighting companion for all your cycling adventures. With its two high-power LEDs, max lumen output of 1600 lumens, and a range of innovative features, the RAY 1600B is set to redefine your biking experience. At the heart of the RAY 1600B are two high-power LEDs that combine to deliver an impressive maximum output of 1600 lumens. Whether you're navigating through city streets or tackling rugged trails, this bike light ensures you have the illumination you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. No more compromising on visibility, as the RAY 1600B has you covered in all biking scenarios. The RAY 1600B offers three distinct lighting modes to adapt to your specific riding conditions: Floodlight Mode: Ideal for city commuting and urban cycling, this mode provides 200 lumens, ensuring that you're visible to others on the road. With a runtime of 10 hours, it's perfect for daily use. Hybrid Mode: When you need a balance between flood and spotlight illumination, the hybrid mode steps up with 400 lumens. It's suitable for a variety of riding conditions and offers a runtime of 4.5 hours. Flash Mode: For maximum brightness and visibility, the flash mode delivers a stunning 1600 lumens. It comes with two variations: day flash and night flash. The day flash mode ensures you're noticed even in broad daylight, while the night flash mode guarantees you won't go unnoticed during nighttime rides. With a runtime of 2.5 hours, you can count on this mode for added safety. The RAY 1600B is equipped with intelligent sensors that enhance your riding experience: Brightness Sensor: This sensor automatically adjusts the light output based on your surroundings. It ensures you get the right amount of illumination without blinding oncoming traffic or fellow cyclists. Vibration Sensor: To conserve battery life, the vibration sensor detects when your bike is stationary and temporarily turns off the light. When you start moving again, it instantly reactivates, eliminating the need for manual control. Included with the RAY 1600B is a wireless remote control that allows you to change lighting modes with ease. Whether you need to switch between floodlight, hybrid, or flash modes, the remote control offers simple and accurate operation, ensuring you stay in control without disrupting your ride. The RAY 1600B features upgraded app customization support. Using the app, you can create and personalize up to 20 custom lighting modes tailored to your preferences. Adjust settings, activate light and vibration sensors, or set your preferred SOS flash pattern—all through the app, providing you with unmatched flexibility.

With an IPX6 waterproof rating, the RAY 1600B is built to withstand various weather conditions. Rain, splashes, and adverse weather won't hinder its performance, making it a reliable companion for your cycling adventures.

In conclusion, the Magicshine RAY 1600B bike light is a versatile and powerful lighting solution designed to enhance your cycling experience. With its exceptional brightness, intelligent sensors, wireless remote control, app customization, and durable design, it offers everything you need for safe and enjoyable rides, whether you're navigating busy streets, exploring off-road trails, or simply commuting to work. Stay visible, stay safe, and stay in control with the RAY 1600B—the ultimate biking companion.

✔ Max Lumen: 1600 LM
✔ Max Runtime: 12 hrs
✔ Charger: USB-C
✔ Waterproof: IPX6
✔ APP Customization: Support (Upgraded)
✔ Wireless Remote Control: Support (Upgraded)
✔ Floodlight & Hybrid: Support


LUMENS 200LM 400LM 800LM 400LM 800LM 1600LM 0/1600LM 400/1600LM
h:min 10:00 04:30 03:00 04:30 03:00 01:30 12:00 02:30
Max Lumen 1600 LM
Light Source SST-40-WCS-F50-P2/N5 *2
Max Throw 140 m
Runtime 12 hrs
Suitable Handlebar Range 28mm - 35mm
Brightness Sensor Support
Vibration Sensor Support
Remote Option Support
Beam Intensity 5000 CD
Waterproof Rate IPX6
Battery Capacity 3.6V 5200mAh
Charger USB-C
Charging Time 3.5 hours (5V 2A)
Weight 190 g / 6.7 oz
Dimensions 96*41*27 mm / 3.78*1.61*1.06 in
Material Aluminum alloy
Mounting System Garmin mount