Maxtoch OWLEYES W Pro V2.0 Diamond LEP SpotLight

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OWLEYES W PRO v2.0 keeps the unique design of OWLEYES series --double brightness,double illumination. Based on original W PRO, v2.0 version has shortened length and changes tail switch into side switch. A handle comeswith each kit for easy carry.Two latest LEP light sources which are specially customized by MAXTOCH emit a 1200 lumens that reaches over 4000 meters. One side switch controls momentary one,shifting between brightness levelsand lockout funtion.In order to extend the runtime and minimize the lightsize, WPRO v2.0 is powered by integrated high-performance battery pack. Type-c direct charging port is equipped in W PRO v2.0. Besides, red, green and yellow filters are included in each set so that differtent environments can be easily managed.

【Constant Output】
The curve shows the the luminous intensity(cd) change ofW PRO during the continuous discharge process in high mode. W PRO provides a constant current output.In the first 40 minutes,the luminous intensity is stable except slightly decrease dueto the increase of internal temperature. It means W PRO maintainsbeam range above 4000 meters during the whole runtime andthe max beam distance is longer than 4200 meters at the highest brightness

【Powered by integrated high-performance battery pack】W PRO is powered by integrated high-performance battery pack. The battery pack not only ensures the extended runtime, but also prevents accidental reverse polarity

【The latest white laser customized by MAXTOCH】
Complying with FDA class I safety certification, the latest LEP won't produce radiationto the human body. The laser hits the unique fluorescent crystal material and simulatesthe fluorescent crystal coating to form a broad-spectrum white light without infraredor UV components.

【Aspheric surface lens with coating at double sides】
W PRO adopts military grade aspheric surface lens. Comparing with traditionalsepherical lens, aspheric surface lens could deliver much more focused beam. With coating at both sides,the lens is scratch resistant and wear resistant.

【Better heat dissipation function】Made from solid aluminum stick with large size fin.Better thermal performance considerably extendedLED's service time.

【Double spot combined】
The two light beams of W PRO will combine into one beam at 50 meters,so as to double the brightness and illuminance.

【Type-c charging】
Remove the tail cap, connect the included charging cable to thetype-c port. The blue indicator light will flash in charging process, and then stays on when charging is completely done.

【Side Switch】
Single click to turn on. With the light on, single click to cycle throughHigh-Med-Low.
In any status with the light unlocked, double click to enter Turbo mode. In any status with the light unlocked, triple click to enter Strobe mode. In this mode,press and hold for 0.5 seconds to turn off.

【Lock-out function】
With the light off,click the switch four times quickly to lock/unlock theflashlight

Beam Source: white laser
Max Output:1200lumens
Reflector:aspheric surface lens     
Max Beam Distance:4000 m
Battery: Integrated high-performance battery pack                               
Max Runtime:8h45min
Size:178mm ×120mm ×51mm     

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