NexTool Multitools 9 in 1 Scale Fixed Wrench EDC Tools

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The NexTool Multitool 9 in 1 is a versatile and compact tool designed to handle a wide range of tasks. With a sleek blackened finish, this multitool not only looks stylish but also delivers exceptional performance. Measuring at a closed size of 13340.520mm and weighing 272.5±5g, it is conveniently portable, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, DIY projects, and everyday tasks.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the NexTool Multitool is built to withstand tough conditions. The pliers are constructed from 30Cr13, ensuring durability and precision in various gripping tasks. The knife, made from 420J2 stainless steel, boasts sharpness and corrosion resistance, making it a reliable tool for cutting tasks. Additionally, the saw, also made from 420J2 stainless steel, features a safe lock mechanism, ensuring safety during use.

Let's delve into the nine essential functions of this multitool:

  1. Needlenose Pliers: The multitool includes precise needlenose pliers, which are perfect for tasks requiring precision gripping, such as grabbing small objects or bending wire.
  2. Regular Pliers: The regular pliers function as versatile gripping and holding tools, suitable for various tasks around the house, in the workshop, or outdoors.
  3. Wire Cutters: Equipped with wire cutters, this multitool allows you to effortlessly cut through wires and cables, making electrical and DIY projects a breeze.
  4. Thick-wire Cutters: The pocket wire cutters are designed to tackle thicker wires with ease, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.
  5. Folding Knife: The pocket knife function provides a sharp and reliable blade for cutting tasks, such as opening packages, preparing food, or tackling outdoor adventures.
  6. Saw: For woodworkers and outdoor enthusiasts, the saw on this multitool is a valuable addition, capable of handling various wood-cutting tasks effectively.
  7. Scale Wrench: The included wrench multitool function offers versatility for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts of different sizes, eliminating the need for carrying multiple wrenches.
  8. Screwdriver: A built-in screwdriver allows you to tackle various screwing tasks, from assembling furniture to making adjustments to appliances.

Screwdriver Bits: This multitool comes with a set of screwdriver bits, ensuring that you have the right tool for different screw types and sizes.

The black coating not only enhances the multitool's appearance but also provides protection against corrosion, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. The NexTool Multitool 9 in 1 is designed to be a go-to tool for individuals who appreciate functionality, versatility, and quality in their everyday carry or toolbox.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the convenience of having multiple tools in one compact package, the NexTool Multitool 9 in 1 is a reliable and stylish choice that will help you tackle a wide range of tasks with ease and efficiency.

> Finish:Blackened
> Closed size:133*40.5*20mm
> Weight:272.5±5g
> Pliers Material:30Cr13
> Knife Material:420J2
> Saw Material With Safe Lock:
> 420J2 Nextool Multifunctional Wrench
> Surface Treatment:Black Coating

> Needlenose Pliers:Multitool Pliers
> Regular Pliers:Wire Stripper Pliers
> Wire Cutters:Wire Cutters Stripper
> Thick-wire Cutters:Pocket Wire Cutters
> Folding Knife:Pocket Knife
> Saw:Saw For Wood Working Tools
> Scale Wrench:Wrench Multitool
> Screwdriver:Screwdriver Kit
> Screwdriver Bits: Screwdriver Set