Nextorch E52C 3000lm Rechargeable High Performance Flashlight

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The Nextorch E52C is a linear torch in the 21700 format capable of developing a turbo of 3000 lumens on its highest output level. The beam produced by this torch is wide and allows you to illuminate all the surrounding areas to have a more complete view of the surrounding environment. There are four possible output levels to use the torch in different scenarios. The interface is managed entirely by the single switch in the queue made of metal material that offers sensational feedback. Using the switch is very simple, it allows you to turn the light on and off or switch between one humiliation mode and another. The interface also features a variable frequency stroboscopic level that allows it to be used effectively in situations where you need to make yourself visible or in emergency situations. This flashlight is powered by a 4800 mAh model 21700 lithium-ion battery that allows you to have a maximum autonomy of 65 hours. The battery is recharged via a type-c charging interface which allows you to conveniently recharge the cell without having to stand by the torch. The charging interface is also waterproof.

The flashlight body was made entirely of aerospace grade aluminum and is treated with a Type III hard clearance. The extremely compact size makes this flashlight very easy to carry and comfortable to keep in your pocket or backpack. The flashlight comes with a stainless steel belt clip installed and with a tactical ring that allows you to carry the flashlight flexibly and connect it to clothing, pockets, backpacks and more. The output levels are divided as follows: High from 3000 lumens with an execution time of 2h and 30 minutes, maximum reachable distance 210 m and a beam intensity of 11025 candles; Medium level of 550 lumens with a runtime of 4 hours and 15 minutes, a maximum reachable distance of 100 m and a maximum beam intensity of 2500 candles; Low level of 30 lumens with 65 hours of maximum autonomy, maximum beam distance of 25 m and maximum beam intensity of 156 candles; finally Strobo level of 3000 lumens. The impact resistance is 2m high while the flashlight is submersible up to 2m deep according to the IPX8 standard. The dimensions are 153mm (length) x 30mm (head diameter) x 27mm (body diameter) while the weight is 130g / 4.58oz (without battery).

The optical part is composed of a CREE XHP50B LED, an aluminum reflector with orange peel treatment and a mineral glass lens with anti-reflection treatment. The body of the torch has a knurling with small squares which improves the grip and allows you to always have the best grip in any situation even with damp or wet hands. The particular U shape of the tailcap allows you to easily find the switch and avoid accidental switching on when carrying the flashlight, for example inside a backpack.

ANSI / PLATO-FL1 High Medium Low Strobe
Light Output 3000 Im 550 Im 30 Im 3000 Im
Run Time 2 h 30 min 4 h 15 min 65 h  
Beam Distance 210 m 100 m 25 m  
Beam Intensity 11025 cd 2500 cd 156 cd  
Impact Resistance 2m
Submersible IPX8, 2 m
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 130 g / 4.58 oz (Without battery)
Size: 153 mm (Length) x 30 mm (Head diameter) x 27 mm (Body diameter)
Material Light Source: CREE XHP50B LED
Aluminum alloy
Battery One 21700