Nextorch P20 4K Focusable Shield Light

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The Nextorch P20 4K is a particular tactical flashlight made up of 4 different flashlights joined together and controlled simultaneously by a single switch. The maximum achievable power is 4000 lumens per turbo and the maximum reachable distance is 550 meters. This flashlight is designed for tactical operations, special operations and against terrorism and other missions. The presence of a one-step strobe allows you to effectively use this flashlight as a stunning and disorienting tool.

To manage the Nextorch P20 4K it is possible to use the remote switch the flashlight is equipped with. It has two different buttons inside: the first is used for constant access to light while the second for direct access to the 4000 lumens strobe, ideal for disorienting the target. The cable that connects the switch to the light is made of ultra-resistant material capable of withstanding 600N of force. With the Nextorch P20 4K there are also 4 cable clips that allow you to perfectly wire the wire so that it does not bother during operations. The 4 lights mounted on the P20 have a rotating head through which it is possible to change the angle of the beam. It is therefore possible to switch from a fully diffused beam to a spot beam simply by rotating the head of each single light. It is also possible to choose which of the 4 lights should have a flood and spot beam to have a perfect combination according to your needs: the flood beam allows you to illuminate short distances well while the spot beam is useful for getting very far. The flashlight can be installed on tactical shields using velcro but also through bolts through the holes on the body of the flashlight. The Nextorch P20 4K is powered by two supplied 21700 cells. Thanks to their 5000mAh capacity, these batteries allow you to have high runtimes and all the power needed to use this light for a long time. The batteries themselves also have the built-in type-C charging port, in this way it is not necessary to carry a special charger but just use a simple type-C cable to recharge the cells. Near the positive pole of the cell there is a small status LED that lights up red during the charging phase or blue when charging is complete. On the side of the Nextorch P20 4K there are LED status indicators that light up in different colors: when we have four status LEDs on it means that the cell capacity is between 75% and 100%, when there are three LEDs blue on means that the residual capacity of the cell is between 50% and 75%, if there are two blue LEDs on it means that the cell capacity is between 25% and 50%, when it is on a single red LED means that the capacity and the cell is between 10% and 25% while when we have a single flashing red LED it means that the cell capacity is less than 10% and therefore it is necessary to recharge the battery as soon as possible.

ANSI / PLATO-FL1 Constant on Strobe
Light Output 4000 Im 4000 Im
Run Time 2 h 45 min 3 h 45 min
Beam Distance 550 m
Beam Intensity 76800 cd
Impact Resistance 1 m
Water Resistant IPX4
Weight and Weight: 433 g /15.3 oz (Without battery)
Dimensions Size: 185 mm (Length) x 85 mm (Width) x 55.6 mm (high)
Material Light Source: OSRAM P9 LED, Aluminum Alloy
Battery Two 21700
Above tested specifications are strictly based on the standard of ANSI / PLATO-FL1. We tested P20 with two 21700 (5000 mAh) batteries in 22℃ ± 3℃. The specifications might vary with different battery or conditions.