Nextorch P83 Multi-light Source Flashlight

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The Nextorch P83 is a multifunctional flashlight equipped with three different beams of different colors (white, red and blue) and two different buttons for managing the interface. Among the main features of this flashlight there is the presence of a bright and powerful white beam and of two red and blue auxiliary beams for signaling operations, or for all those occasions in which it is necessary to make oneself visible from a distance. The two switches allow you to manage the beams separately and also direct access at the stroboscopic level. The flashlight is also equipped with a waterproof and efficient hidden type-c charging interface that allows you to charge the internal battery quickly. A LED status indicator allows you to understand when the battery is low.

As for the user interface, we have three different levels for the white main LED and 5 levels for the colored LEDs. The output levels are divided as follows we have a low level of 25 lumens and 60 hours of autonomy with 35 m of maximum reachable distance and 300 candles, an average level of 350 lumens with four and a half hours of autonomy and 150 m of maximum reachable distance that is 4900 candles and finally a 1300 lumen turbo level with two hours of autonomy and 280 m of maximum reachable distance equal to 20,000 candles. For the main LED we also have a stroboscopic level of 1300 lumens and the momentary level always of 1300 lumens. For the colored modes the maximum light intensity is 2 lumens: We have a red and blue flashing level 360 * omnidirectional strobe for warning conspicuous, oppressive and safe, a red flashing level, a blue flashing level with fixed frequency for search, signaling and location beacon, a constant red level ideal for night vision and not to tire your eyes when you are in total darkness, a constant blue level for patrol, tracking, marker signal and more.

The management of the levels is very simple thanks to the presence of two separate switches: A light pressure on the main switch will allow you to momentarily turn on the white light, while a total pressure allows you to turn on the light constantly. When the light is on it is possible to switch from one level to another simply by lightly clicking the main switch. Using the second switch instead, it is possible with a long press to activate the flashing red and blue light. After activation, a slight pressure on the switch will allow you to switch to the flashing red blue levels and to the constant red and blue levels. A long press for one second will turn off the colored lights. To activate instead of the strobe it is necessary to click the mode switch and one more press to turn off the light and return to the level previously used. The Nextorch P83 also has LED status indicators that allow you to understand when the battery is low or to know the state of charge of the battery. The flashlight is powered by a single rechargeable lithium-ion and other performance 18.650 model battery. There is a type-c charging interface next to the switch. It is hidden and to see it it is necessary to unscrew the head that covers it: This protects the charging port from the ingress of water and dirt. The bezel of the flashlight also features ceramic balls that allow the flashlight to be used as a glass breaker in emergency situations. The torch body made of reliable and robust aerospace aluminum which makes this flashlight resistant to shocks up to 2m depth is water resistant up to 1m according to the IPX7 standard 

ANSI / PLATO-FL1 Strobe Momentary on Medium Low High Red & Blue Flash Red Flash Blue Flash Red Light Blue Light
Light Output 1300 Im 1300 Im 350 Im 25 Im 1300lm 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im
Run Time 4h 30 min 60 h 2h 35 h 50h 50 h 25 h 25 h
Beam Distance 140 m 35 m 280 m
Beam Intensity 4900 cd 300 cd 20000 cd
Impact V Resistance 2m
Waterproof IPX7, 1 m
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 177 g / 6.24 oz (Without Battery)   Size: 155 mm (Length) x 35 mm (Head Diameter) x 28.5 mm (Body Diameter)
Material Light Source: White / Red / Blue Light LEDs
Aluminum Alloy
Battery 1X18650
Power 13 W