Nextorch P84 3000 Lumen Duty Flashlight

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The Nextorch P84 is a multifunctional linear torch in the 21700 format. Its turbo is 3000 lumens while the runtime thanks to the 4800 mAh 21700 cell it is equipped with is about 60 hours. The Nextorch P84 features a built-in red and blue light source module, enabling versatile use to meet different environmental needs through 5 switchable modes. The torch has three ceramic spheres on the bezel to be used as a glass breaker. 

The Bezel is made of stainless steel. The reflector is in aluminum with orange peel treatment. The mineral glass lens with anti-reflection treatment. The flashlight is made entirely of aluminum with hard anodization. The anti rolling profile prevents the torch from rolling away when placed on slightly inclined surfaces. The switch is on the side and allows access to all the main functions of the light. On the side there are also LED status indicators which provide information on the progress of the charge of the cell. Water resistance is guaranteed as IPX7 (submersible up to 1 meter deep) while impact resistance is given up to 2 meters in height.

The dimensions are 160mm (Length) x 35mm (Head diameter) x 28.5mm (Body diameter) while the weight is 164g/5.78oz (without battery). 

The light sources are a white main light and red and blue auxiliary lights. The output levels are divided as follows: High from 3000 lumens with 2 hours and 45 minutes of runtime 260 meters away and 17000 candles, Medium from 600 lumens with 4 hours and 30 minutes of runtime 118 meters away and 3520 candles, Low from 36 lumens with 60 hours of runtime 28 meters away and 204 candles, Momentary On of 3000 lumens, Strobe of 3000 lumens. For colored LEDs, however, there are only 2 output levels: one constant and one flashing, both of 2 lumen output with a runtime of 50 hours (for the constant one) and 105 hours (for the flashing one). 

The colored LEDs are located around the head: the red and blue strobe level is ideal for emergency situations and as signaling, the red and blue flash instead can be useful as a location beacon, the red light is useful and comfortable for night vision , so as not to tire the eyes and against mosquitoes while the blue light has a short wavelength but high frequency, high intensity for patrol tracking, marker signals and more.

The flashlight also features the Type-C charging interface to charge the cell inside without having to take it out.

The Nextorch P84 is also compatible with various accessories such as the tactical quick draw holster model V51 and also with the Nylon V10 holster

Mode: Strobe/ Momentary on/ Medium/ Low/ High/ 3000 lm/3000 lm/600 lm/ 36 lm/ 3000 lm/ 2 lm (red & blue flash)/2 lm (red flash)/2 lm (blue flash)/2 lm (red light)/2 lm (blue light)/strobe
Runtime: -/ -/ 4 h 30 min / 60h / 2 h 45 min / 180 h / 105 h / 105h / 105 h / 50 h / 50 h /
Beam distance: 118 m / 28 m / 260 m /-
Waterproof: IPX7 (1 m)
Impact resistance: 2 m
Battery: 0ne21700
Size:160 mm (Length)x 35 mm (Head Diameter)x 28.5 mm (Body Diameter)
Weight: 164 g/5.78 oz(without battery)
ANSI/PLATO-FL1 Strobe Momentary on Medium Low High Red & Blue Flash Red Flash Blue Flash Red Light Blue Light
Light Output 3000 Im 3000 Im 600 Im 36 Im 3000 Im 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im 2 Im
Run Time 4h 30 min 60 h 2h 45 min 180 h 105 h 105 h 50 h 50 h
Beam Distance 118 m 28 m 260 m
Beam Intensity 3520 cd 204 cd 17000 cd
Impact Resistance 2 m
Waterproof IPX7, 1 m
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 164 g / 5.78 oz (Without Battery) 
Size: 160 mm (Length) x 35 mm (Head Diameter) x 28.5 mm (Body Diameter)
Material Light Source: White / Red / Blue Light LEDs
Aluminum Alloy
Battery One 21700