Nextorch TA30C One-step Strobe Tactical Flashlight

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The Nextorch TA30C is a linear tactical flashlight capable of granting momentary access to the light or direct access to the strobe. The TA30C has a tempered glass lens with anti-reflective treatment and also has three ceramic spheres placed on the front bezel that allow you to use the flashlight as if it were a glass breaker. This flashlight is capable of reaching a maximum output of 1600 lumens when used at the turbo. With a simple click you can activate the strobe which has a variable frequency. The dimensions of this flashlight are extremely. Therefore, the Nextorch TA30C is particularly convenient to carry inside a jacket, but also comfortable to use with one hand. This flashlight has a dual stage metal tail switch that allows you to access the tactical light modes: A slight pressure will allow you to access the momentary on therefore the light will remain on as long as the button is pressed, when the user releases the button the light will go out. A full press of the switch instead will allow instant access to stroboscopic mode. In addition, this light is equipped with a magnetic switch with a rotary dial: This innovative magnetic technology reduces interference and allows you to manage the transition between one output level and another very quickly and quickly. In fact, for the variation of the output levels the user simply has to rotate the magnetic switch with rotary dial To scroll the levels according to the low, medium, high and strobe order. The maximum power of this light is 1600 m while the maximum reachable distance is 303 m. The output levels are divided as follows: We have a low level of 20 lumens with a run time of 50 hours and 24 m of maximum reachable distance or 144 candles, an average level of 330 lumens with a maximum duration of 04h30min with a maximum reachable distance of 130 m and 4225 candles, And a high level of 1600 lumens with a duration of 02h30min and a maximum reachable distance of 303 m equal to 22.952 candles. The stroboscopic level is 1600 lumens As well as the level that is activated when using the momentary on. The dimensions of the Nextorch TA30C They are 136 mm long, 30 mm the diameter of the head and 23 mm the diameter of the body. The weight instead is 97 grams excluding battery. the optical part is composed of a Luminus SST-40 LED, a smooth and deep parabola and a mineral glass lens with anti-reflective treatment. The bezel protecting the lens, on the other hand, is in brushed stainless steel and has three ceramic spheres that can be used as a glass breaker. The flashlight can be powered by a single 18650 cell but is also compatible with CR123A batteries. The tail switch has a status LED inside that allows you to know the residual capacity of the cell: when the light is solid blue it means that the capacity of the cell is between 75% and 100%, when the light is blinking blue means that the cell capacity is between 50% of 75% when the light is blinking red it means that the cell capacity is between 25% and 50% while when the light is blinking red it means that the cell capacity is less than 25%. 

ANSI/ PLATO-FL1 Momentary on Tactical Strobe High Medium Low Strobe
Light Output 1600 Im 1600lm 1600lm 330lm 20lm 1600lm
Run Time 2h30min 4h30min 50h
Beam Distance 303m 130m 24m
Beam Intensity 22952cd 4225cd 144cd
Impact Resistance 2 m
Submersible IPX8, 2m
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 97 g / 3.42 oz (Without battery)
Size: 136 mm (Length) X 30 mm (Head Diameter) x 23 mm (Body Diameter)
Material Light Source: LUMINUS SST-40 LED
Aluminum Alloy
Battery One 18650 or Two CR123A
Power 16W
Above tested specifications are strictly based on the standard of ANSI / PLATO-FL1. We tested TA30C with one 18650 (2600 mAh) battery in 22℃ ± 3℃. The specifications might vary with different battery or conditions.