Nextorch NP20 Tactical Pen with Tungsten Window Breaker

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The Nextorch NP20 is a black belt tactical pen useful not only as a classic writing tool, but indispensable in emergency situations or in critical moments. In fact, this pen is equipped with a powerful glass-breaking tip ideal for all those situations in which it is necessary to find an escape route, for example by breaking the windshield of a car or the window of a bus, or the glass of a window.

The body is made by CNC technology with a particular design similar to the skeleton of a dinosaur. The built-in tip is made of ultra-hard tungsten steel whose hardness reaches up to 90 HRA.

The NP20 is also a classic quality ballpoint pen: In fact, it is equipped with German-made SCHMIDT Megaline P 950 M ink cartridges that guarantee a perfect writing experience thanks to its high smoothness and fluidity. SCHMIDT refill has the characteristic of being sealed and pressurized. It uses the Megaline gas pressure system with a special ink that allows you to write even when the pen is upside down and in any difficult condition, even the most extreme. This type of cartridge is also universal and easily purchased and available in any store: when the ink has run out, there will be no problem in replacing or finding the spare.

The body of the NP20 is anodized with a hard anti-abrasive finish that guarantees high resistance to scratches and wear. To the touch, the Nextorch NP20 is smooth and delicate but at the same time it is extremely robust: no problem if it falls to the ground or if you rub some rough surface, it will always remain perfect as just purchased.

The material with which the pen is built is aluminum and as we said it has a hard anodized finish. The tungsten tip allows you to use the pen in emergency situations, for example to find an escape route. The body length is similar to that of a normal ballpoint pen 148 mm / 58 " while the weight is 30 grams / 1.06 oz (including the ink cartridge).

The Nextorch NP20 is a tactical pen to be used in emergency situations but it is also a beautiful and elegant pen to use in the office or to always have with you inside your jacket pocket. Its particular dinosaur skeleton design also makes it very nice to keep on the office desk.


> Body Material:Aluminum Alloy
> Finish:Hard Anodized
> Point Material:Tungsten Steel
> Refill:SCHMIDT Megaline P 950 M(G2 Specs)
> Length:148mm/58”
> Weight:30g/1.06oz(Refill Included)