Nextorch V61 Compatible Flashlight Holder

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The Nextorch V61 is a compatible flashlight holster and is an upgrade of the classic V6. Compared to the previous model, it has an even better belt clamp: It allows the extraction and insertion of the flashlight in a very quick and simple way. The clamp on this holster has been updated and can be detached freely. It is compatible with belts and belts up to 55 mm wide and with all MOLLE type systems. Like the previous model, the V 61 is also compatible with many torches with a diameter of the head or tail between 27 mm and 30 mm. The particular design of this holster allows you to rotate the flashlight 360 ° with 16 different locking positions: In this way it is also possible to use the flashlight directly from the belt, directing the beam where it is most needed without having to extract the light from the holster.

 The locking system can be adjusted by adding or removing a series of rubber rings: In this way it is possible to adapt this holster to different types of torches. This holster model is designed specifically for tactical training or for tactical applications, for law enforcement but can also be used for everyday use. The dimensions of this holster are 122 × 55 × 68mm while the weight is 96g / 3.38oz. The material with which it is made is PA + GF makes this holster practically indestructible, resistant to wear and blows. When this fontina is installed on a belt it is also possible to extract the flashlight directly from inside the holster or together with part of the holster. To completely release the support from the belt, simply press the special blue button on the top that allows you to open the clip and easily remove the holster from the belt in a very simple and quick way.

This holster is ideal for those who need to have a support that can be quickly assembled and disassembled from the belt and for those who want to have a support that allows you to quickly extract the flashlight when necessary or store it just as quickly


  • Material: PA + GF
  • Weight: 96 g / 3.38 oz
  • Dimensions: 122×55×68 mm
  • Compatible Belt Width: ≤ 55 mm (Width)
  • Compatible Flashlights: Φ 27 – 30 mm (Tail/Head Dia.)