Olight Odin GL Mini Tactical LED Flashlight

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The Olight Odin GL Mini is a small tactical flashlight that combines a white light beam with a green laser beam. This flashlight was created exclusively to be mounted on a weapon, in fact it has a special coupling system on Picatinny rails that allow it to be mounted on weapons in a very quick and safe way. But the Olight Odin GL Mini can be used effectively in the hand as a normal EDC flashlight for everyday use but also in purely tactical applications.

The optical part is composed of a white LED that produces a beam with a maximum output of 1000 lumens capable of reaching the maximum distance of 180 meters, and of a Green Laser ideal for increasing accuracy during aiming. There are three modes of use available: it is in fact possible to use the Olight Odin GL Mini with the white light LED, with the green laser and there is also the combined mode using both the white light LED and the green laser at the same time. The selection of the different modes is done by turning the selector ring located on the head. It is very accurate and easy to use, just as it should be when operating in tactical mode. Level selection is instant, and it's impossible to go wrong.

The dimensions of the Olight Odin GL mini are extremely compact, so the flashlight is very convenient to carry, for example in a pocket or inside a small suitcase.

The weapon holder supplied by Olight for this Odin GL Mini has two different picatinny slots that allow the installation of the flashlight in different positions. In addition, there is a locking button on the hooking system for easy and safe installation.

A magnetic remote switch is also supplied with the flashlight that connects to the tail of the flashlight simply by bringing it closer to it. The remote switch has two different buttons: one for switching the light on and off and the other for selecting the output level.

The Olight Odin GL Mini is powered by a single 2040mAH 18500 cell, so a slightly shorter battery than the classic 18650s we're used to seeing on flashlights.

The tail switch has three different functions: it acts as a magnetic charging interface using the custom Olight cable supplied, it acts as an interface for the magnetic switch and can also be used as a classic switch. It is electronic with double stroke.

The dimensions of the Olight Odin GM Mini are: Length: 5.04in / 128mm Head diameter: 1.14in / 29mm Body diameter: 1.05in / 26.6mm while the weight is 7.62oz / 190g (including battery and rail mounting). The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy. It is waterproof according to the IPX4 standard and is resistant to falls up to 1.5m in height. In the box comes: Odin GL Mini flashlight (battery included), Picatinny sled, MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable x 1, sROD-7 magnetic remote switch (with holder), H2.5 / H1.5 wrench x 1, screw socket M3x4 x 1, NYLOK oval point set screws, cable ties and User Manual.

High High(GL On) Low Low(GL On)
Brightness 1000 ↓500 ↓200lumens 1000 ↓500 ↓200lumens 200lumens 200lumens
Runtime 3.5 +61 +12minutes 3.5 +67 +13minutes 215minutes 195minutes
Distance 180meters 180meters 85meters 85meters
Intensity 8100candela 8100candela 1800candela 1800candela


> LED: Neutral White
> Maximum Brightness: 1000 lumen
> Peak Beam Distance: 196 yards
> Peak Beam Intensity: 8100 cd
> IP Rating: IPX4
> Impact Resistance: 1.5 m
> Dimensions: L-5.04"xW-1.14"xH-1.05"
> Weight: 7.62oz