Pioneman K90 Powerful Search Flashlight

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Battery Option

Material: aluminum alloy
Tail spring material: phosphorus copper nickel plating
Shell color: black, silver
Description of oxidation: Silver is common oxygen, and black is hard oxygen.
Low pressure warning: Yes.
Reverse polarity protection: Yes.
Lens type: double-sided green coating
Reflector: smooth surface
Switch position: center side press
Pattern memory: Yes.
Tail handstand: Yes
Waterproof grade: IPX6
Charging current: 2A max
Battery and charger include: not included.
Battery type: 21700*3

Color temperature:
SBT90: 6000K
SFH55: 5700K

Lumen value:
SBT90 version: 6300lm
SFH55 version: 12000lm

Light intensity value:
SBT90 version: 78w
SFH55 version: 24w
LED substrate: 40mm

Size: head diameter: 90.8mm battery compartment diameter: 50.3mm flashlight length: 178mm

Net product weight: about 630g.

Complimentary: handle *1, quick release screw *1, waterproof ring *2, key rubber cap *1, charging rubber cap *1, hand rope *1, A to C charging cable *1.

The flashlight has under-voltage protection and temperature control protection.

Description of SBT90 circuit board driver:
Output voltage: 3V
Output current: 28A

SFH55 circuit board driver description:
Output voltage: 3V
Output current: 50A

The operation logic is as follows:
Click: power on, shift mode (4th gear: 10% 20% 40% 60%)
Double click: extremely bright (100%)
Strike Three: Flash (100%)
Four strikes: voltage detection
Five strikes: lock function (five strikes again to unlock the function)
Press and hold for 0.3-0.5 seconds to turn it off.
Press and hold to enter the moon gear (0.001%) when it is turned off.
Charging status: the red light is charging, and the green light is full.