RovyVon Aurora A28 Multipurpose LED EDC Flashlight

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Front LED
Side LEDs

The Aurora A28 is a multifunctional flashlight available for sale in different configurations: it is possible to choose between different colors and different types of LEDs: CREE XP-L HD, max 1000 lumens, Nichia 219C, max 700 lumens, 90+ CRI. The torch is made of polymeric material (polycarbonate) and metal and is particularly robust and resistant to wear and stress.

The RovyVon Aurora A28 is powered by a single removable and replaceable 600mAH rechargeable lipo battery. It is equipped with a USB socket for fast and safe charging. To recharge, just use a classic micro USB cable associated with a USB adapter. A status LED will light red during charging or blue when charging is complete. It is located inside the body of the flashlight and is visible since it is the latter and is semi-transparent. In addition to the main LED, the Aurora A28 has a series of auxiliary LEDs on the side, ideal for example for reading or lighting in short distances: there is an LED with HIGH CRI light therefore with a high chromatic yield index that does not tire the eye and for it is available with two 32 lumens output levels with a 4.5 hour runtime and 3 lumens Low and a 42 hour runtime. The second status LED is UV which can be useful for checking banknotes or for scientific inspections. In the lower part of the light there is a small ring for inserting the lanyard and wrist straps. The belt clip is made of steel, thin but very resistant. It offers a good grip on clothes, hat pockets or even in MOLLE systems. The switch is lateral, metal and electronic. It is easily activated and is easily found even when you are in the dark or wearing gloves. The head of the Aurora A28 can be easily avoided to have access to the circuit and above all to the battery which in case of damage can be easily replaced. The body of the Aurora A28 is transparent and this allows you to see the inside of the flashlight and all the electronic components, but also allows the LEDs inside it to exploit the body of the flashlight as if it were a diffuser. In fact, the beam produced by the auxiliary LEDs is extremely diffused, without any defined spot and is perfect for short distances.

The head has a metal bezel and allows the heat produced by the flashlight to be dissipated. In addition, when the temperature rises too much, the flashlight activates its temperature control system that allows you to automatically decrease the output and avoid damage caused by the excessive heat produced by the LED. The Aurora A28 is also sold with different auxiliary LEDs: you can choose the combination you prefer among these: UV Light + Red Light, High CRI White Light + UV Light or High CRI White Light + Red Light. The dimensions are Length: 76mm / 2.99 ”; Diameter: 21.5 mm / 0.846 "; while the weight is 46.3 g / 1.633 oz. The Aurora A28 is a perfect EDC flashlight equipped with many functions: it has a powerful main led and secondary led useful in various occasions. A28 can be configured at will with the LEDs of your choice choosing from a wide range of models UV + Red (A28R), White + UV (A28U), White + red (A28W)

Front LED:
a. CREE XP-L HD, max output 1000 lumens, max throw distance 150 meters
b. Nichia 219C, max 700 lumens, 90+ CRI
Side LED:
a. UV+Red (A28R)
b. White+UV (A28U)
c. White+Red (A28W)

Length: 76mm/2.99”; Diameter: 21.5mm/0.846”; Weight: 46.3g/1.633oz
Battery: 600mAh lithium polymer
Recharging: Micro USB
Charging time: 60 minutes
Note: Charge the light before the first use.

1*User manual, 1*SS keyring, 1*Lanyard, 1*Warranty card
Front LED
1. Momentary ON: Press and hold (Turbo), release to turn off
2. Constant ON: Double click
Switch mode: Click to cycle thru Low-Med-High-Turbo
Memory: When the light worked at a mode over 3 minutes, the mode will be memorized and turned on from that mode next time.
Step down: The light will step down to 300/100 lumens in 90 seconds when working at Turbo/High mode due to the massive heat generated.
Side LED

Turn ON
1) Triple-click
a. A28R/A28W: Red; b. A28U: White reading light
Switch mode
a. A28R/A28W: Click to cycle through Red-Red beacon-Red flash
b. A28U: Low-High (White)
2) Quad click
a. A28R: UV, click to cycle through power Low-High
b. A28U: UV, click to turn off
c. A28W: White reading light, click to cycle through Low-High
Turn Off, applied for all modes
a. In any mode, long press 0.3s
b. Click to turn off when the light works in any mode for over 3 minutes.