Skilhunt EK1 180 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable Mini Keychain Flashlight

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The Skilhunt EK1 is a very small and very light EDC flashlight with a maximum output of 180 lumens. It is equipped with a Luminus SST-20 CCT6500K / Nichia 219F HCRI CCT5000K and its maximum runtime is 450 minutes when running on its lowest output level. The maximum distance that can be reached when the torch is turned on at maximum power is 66 meters and its maximum luminous intensity is 1100 candles. The Skilhunt EK1 is entirely made of aeronautical aluminum with a hard anodized finish and has a body worked with a fine knurling that improves grip and grip, making it perfect even in difficult conditions when, for example, you have wet and damp hands. Its water resistance is given by the IPX-8 standard so it is not afraid of splashes, rain and can even be immersed for short periods of time under water without any problems. Impact resistance is 1 meter high. The Skilhunt EK1 is powered by a single built-in 130 mAH rechargeable Li-ion model 10220 cell (Rated Range: 2.5V ~ 4.2V). The torch is available for sale in two different configurations (Luminus SST-20 CCT6500K / Nichia 219F HCRI CCT5000K) and in different colors (Carbon black / Royal blue / Olive green / Vibrant orange). The dimensions are extremely small: Length 50.5 mm, Head diameter 14.6 mm, Body 13.6mm while the weight is 14.8 g / 0.52 oz (Included battery). Given its size and weight, this light is ideal for always being carried with you, for example attached to a bunch of house keys. It is very comfortable as an EDC flashlight, it is comfortable to keep inside the jean pocket and in the bag it is like not having seen it weighing only 14 grams. The package includes: 1x EK1, 1x Built-in 130mah battery, USB-C cable, Keyring, Operator's manual, Spare O-rings. Managing brightness levels is very simple. There is no switch but to vary the brightness level just screw or unscrew the head of the torch. Turning the whole head to the left the torch is in off mode, turning slightly to the right activates the Low level while turning again to the right activates the High level. The optical part is made up of a small total reflection TIR lens which generates a clean and uniform beam. The output levels are divided as follows: High of 180 lumens with a runtime of 25 minutes, maximum reachable distance of 66 meters and 1100 candelas and Low level of 10 lumens lasting 450 minutes, maximum reachable distance of 16 meters and maximum light intensity of 70 candles. This torch as well as being very comfortable to use is also very simple to use, its user interface is very simple, there are only 2 levels and it is activated by simply screwing or unscrewing the head.

LED: Luminus SST-20 CCT6500K / Nichia 219F HCRI CCT5000K
Max output: ANSI 180 Lumens
Max runtime: 450 minutes
Max beam distance: 66 meters
Max peak beam intensity: 1100cd
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: Built-in 10220 130mAh Lithuim Ion Battery
Rated Range: 2.5V ~ 4.2V
Color: Carbon black / Royal blue / Olive green / Vibrant orange
Dimension: Length 50.5 mm
Head diameter 14.6 mm , Body: 13.6mm
Weight: 14.8 g / 0.52 oz (Included battery)
Included: 1x EK1, 1x Built-in 130mah battery, USB-C cable, Keyring, Operator’s manual, Spare O-rings