Sofirn SC32 Mini Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The Sofirn SC32 mini is a small and powerful EDC pocket flashlight for everyday use. It is equipped with a LUMINUS SST-40 LED (Working Voltage: 2.8V - 4.2V) and can be powered by a single 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The dimensions of this flashlight are 100 mm long by 25 mm in diameter of the head while the weight is 57 grams without considering the battery. The user interface is simple, intuitive and easy to remember. The output levels are divided as follows: Turbo of 2000 lumens with a runtime of 1.83 hours, maximum distance reached of 214 m and a maximum luminous intensity of 11,425 candles, High of 900 lumens with a runtime of 2.38 hours, maximum distance reached of 150 m and 5600 candles of maximum light intensity, Medium of 450 lumens with four hours of run time 104 m of maximum distance reached and 2725 candles of maximum light intensity, Low of 90 lumens with 17 hours of battery life 48 m of maximum distance reached and 600 candles of maximum luminous intensity, Moonlight from a Gomez with 500 hours of autonomy 6 m of maximum reachable distance and 9 candles of maximum luminous intensity. The body of this flashlight is entirely made of aircraft aluminum. The water resistance is given according to the IPX8 standard therefore the flashlight is submersible up to 2 m in depth while not being underwater while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m in height. Given the extremely compact dimensions, this torch is very comfortable to carry inside a jeans pocket or, for example, inside a bag. Thanks to the practical two-way belt clip it is possible to attach this flashlight to any garment both with the head facing up and with the head facing down or even to any type of MOLLE system. The interface management switch is located at the rear. It is very large and easily identifiable even in total darkness. With a simple click it is possible to switch between the different levels according to the low, medium, high, turbo and strobe order. On the side of the head there is the type c charging interface well protected by a small rubber cap which prevents the water and dirt can get inside. Next to the type-c charging interface there is a led indicator that provides indications on the battery charge status and the progress of the charging process. When the indicator lights up green, it means that the battery is fully charged, and when it lights up red, it means that charging is still in progress. The temperature regulation system automatically decreases the output level when the torch temperature reaches critical temperatures. Reverse priority protection protects the flashlight from incorrectly inserting batteries, while the low voltage detection system will automatically turn off the light when the cell reaches critical voltage levels to prevent overcharging the cell and thus extend its life .


Emitter: 1 X LUMINUS SST-40 LED
Working Voltage: 2.8V - 4.2V
Battery Options: 1 X 18650 Li-ion battery
Dimension: 100mm (length) × 25mm (head diameter)
Weight: 57g (without battery)
Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy
Fresnel lens
IPX8 Waterproof
USB Type-C Charging (support USB Type-C to USB Type-C Charging)
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR will adjust the brightness level automatically when the driver temperature reaches 55℃ (122 °F) to prevent overheating.
Reverse polarity protection: it protects while battery inserted improperly.
LVP: while on, if the battery voltage is low, it turns off automatically.
If battery doesn’t have enough power when turn on, the LED indicator will flash red to signal critical power