Sunrei Poseidon Max 2022 Fishing Light

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The Sunrei Poseidon Max 2022 is a particular multifunctional flashlight designed to provide valid light support to all fishermen but not only. It is equipped with three different light sources: a main white one, a blue one and an auxiliary light. The color temperature of the white light is neutral 4500K therefore a light that renders colors well in nature.

This light is equipped with a 3.7V 9-cell 18650 Li-ion battery pack for a total capacity of 23400mAh. There is a Type-C charging interface for quick charging of the internal battery but it is also equipped with a USB socket and works like a normal power bank. It is therefore possible, through this light, to charge any electronic device that is compatible with the USB standard. The output of the USB socket is 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.51A therefore it is compatible with smart and fast charging protocols. It takes 7.5 hours to fully recharge the internal battery if, for example, a 9V 2A power supply is used. The maximum runtime of this light is 300 hours when operated on the lowest output level of 9 lumens.

The output levels are divided as follows. For the white focus light we have a low output level of 9 lumens with 83 m maximum reachable distance, 300 hours of maximum runtime; a High level of 280 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 460 m and a maximum runtime of 12 hours. For the blue light we have a Low output level of 1 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 37 m and a maximum autonomy of 230 hours; a High level of 50 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 200 m and a runtime of 12 hours. For the Auxiliary Light instead we have a Low light level of 35 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 7 m and a runtime of 267 hours, and finally a high output level of 175 lumens with a maximum reachable distance of 17 m and a maximum runtime of 57 hours.

The dimensions of this flashlight are 209 mm long x 68.5 mm wide x 115 mm high. The weight is 1.1kg given the large and powerful battery pack this light is equipped with. The head of the light can also be rotated and allows you to focus the outgoing beam. In the back, the Sunrei Poseidon Max 2022 has two rotary switches to manage the different brightness levels and the different light sources, it also features the charging / discharging interface and the auxiliary LED that allows lighting over short distances. The charging port is well protected from water and dirt by a thick rubber cap. In the upper part there is also a practical carrying handle while in the lower part there is a screw that allows the light to be installed on a tripod for example.

It can be used as power bank for cell phones, cameras or other digital devices, blue and white double light source, stepless dimming, arbitrary adjustment of aperture size adjustment of aperture size
power source: 9*18650/3.7V 23400mAh
LED: White LED+Blue LED+White LED
Color temperature: 4500k
Running time: 300h
Charging time: 7.5h(9V/2A)
USB Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.51A
Waterproof: IPX5
Maxoutput 460lm, max throw beam 460m
Size: 209*68.5*115mm
Weight: 1.1kg

Focus Light
Low 9LM 83M 300H
High 280LM 460M 12H
Blue Light
Low 1LM 37M 230H
High 50LM 200M 12H
Auxiliary Lamp
Low 35LM 7M 267H
High 175LM 17M 57H