SUPERFIRE HL75-X LED Headlamp Flashlight

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The SUPERFIRE HL75-X is a head torch equipped with a light control system using hand movement. In fact, it is equipped with a control system using motion sensors that understand when the user moves his hand in front of the torch. In addition to this, the flashlight can also be used in the classic way via the physical switch. This torch has two different beams that are useful on different occasions: in fact, it produces a powerful and wide beam of white light but it is also equipped with two red auxiliary LEDs to be used in emergency situations or when, for example, you don't want to strain your eyes when you are found in total darkness. The optical part consists of a main 220 lumens LED well centered inside a smooth and deep aluminum dish. The maximum distance reached by the main LED is 120 meters. In addition to this, the torch is equipped with two auxiliary LEDs placed respectively to the right and to the left of the main LED. The torch is equipped with two switches that work independently: we have a switch called normal and a sensor switch which is used to activate the mode of use via the motion sensors. They are placed in the upper part of the flashlight and are always easily accessible and can be activated even if you are wearing gloves. The switches are rubberized, slightly protruding and provide great tactile feedback. The dimensions of the HL75-X are extremely compact, in fact the length is 62 mm, the height is 36 mm and the thickness is 36mm. The weight is only 55 g including battery.
The SUPERFIRE HL75-X is powered by an 800 mAh 14500 cell integrated inside the torch and not removable. The battery is recharged via the Type-C port on the back of the light. The charging port is well protected by a thick rubber cap that prevents water and dirt from entering it. The plastic support that connects the torch to the elastic band is also adjustable in inclination: therefore the light can be tilted at will from 0 to 45° so that the user can direct the beam right where it is needed.
Near the two switches there is a small status LED which lights up red during the battery charging phase or turns blue when charging is complete.
The body of the torch is entirely made of ABS and this means that it is very light but at the same time also very robust. The water resistance is given by the IP44 standard while the resistance to falls is up to 2 meters in height.
There are 7 possible output levels divided as follows: Strong Light - Medium Light - Low Light - Strobe - SOS - Off - Red Light - Red Strobe. The maximum runtime is 3 hours when the flashlight is used on the lowest output level.
The package inside contains the SUPERFIRE HL75-X torch with integrated battery, type-c charging cable, headband and user manual.


> Power: 2W
> Lumen: 220 (Real test data)
> Lighting Mode: 7 Modes
> Charging interface type: Micro
> Max Lighting distance: about 120m
> Runtime: about 3H
> Charging time: about 1.5H
> Built in 14500 800mAh Battery
> Material: ABS
> Weight: about 55g
> Product Size: 62*36*36mm